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Elsewhere SS22: "Originality with a playful twist"

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29 Nov 2021


Comfortable. Natural. Timeless. And above all not standard. That's Dutch brand Elsewhere in a nutshell. The SS22 collection by designer Anne Habers consists of models that are all unique and can be combined endlessly.

What do you design for the woman who doesn't like standards? Designer Anne Habers knows what to do. The uniqueness and originality radiates from her designs. Take, for instance, the reversible coat from this collection, with its idiosyncratic check design in black/beige, and vice versa in beige/black.

Habers: "The coat combines perfectly with the matching trousers. The nice thing is that you can choose the same colour combination or the opposite one. The collection also includes some low-cut trousers again. This time, for example, I opted for a stylish one in linen quality, as part of a striped suit with a long blouse jacket. The suit comes in beige with a thin black stripe and in black with a fine beige stripe."

Playful twist

Another eye-catching piece is the blue zip-up cardigan. This item looks very sporty on the treggings with the tie dye design. This pattern also returns in low-cut trousers and a smooth jacket with short sleeves.

What is striking is that many items in the collection have multiple functions and that almost every garment has a playful twist. "That is the typical Elsewhere signature," Habers clarifies. "Take for example the black wide-leg trousers with the button at the bottom of the legs. The trousers look super cute with the button closed. And if you undo the button, you have a pair of trousers with wide legs, also very nice. So two for the price of one.

Creative heart

The creative heart of Elsewhere is located in a characteristic country house in the village of Andelst in Gelderland province, The Netherlands. This is where Habers works on her surprising designs every day. She does this together with her creative team of pattern drawers and seamstresses. "Because we have everything in-house, we can switch fast," she says. "That is very convenient: my designs are made within a few days. And if we think that a finish or line should be slightly different, we can adjust that in no time.

We can adjust it in no time.The design process is very organic and that's great.

Own management

The production of the clothing is also done in-house. "Our clothes are made in our own production workshop in Poland," says Habers. "That has many advantages. For example, our planning is perfectly coordinated and we are not bound by minimum quantities. Retailers can easily place additional orders, partly from stock, and if there is sufficient demand, we have the option to produce extra. That means we don't need large stocks and that, in turn, contributes to a sustainable world."

Read more about Elsewhere on the brand page: fashionunited.com/companies/elsewhere

Read more about Elsewhere on the brand page: fashionunited.com/companies/elsewhere

Want to know more about Elsewhere? Contact Matthew Thoonen at sales@elsewherefashion.com.