Decoded Fashion London Summit: Highlights & quotes

London - The Decoded Fashion London Summit 2016 brought together a range of industry heavyweights and visionaries who together are shaping and changing the future of fashion.

Topics ranging from the return of the in-store experience, to the relationship between fashion and hook-up apps, to insta-savvy tech start-ups, this year's summit brought two days of in-depth discussions bridging the innovators and disruptors in fashion today.

Decoded Fashion London Summit: Highlights & quotes

For an industry that is in constant flux, the summit addressed the key challenges facing brands and retailers in 2016.

Here you will find a collection of the most memorable quotes from the talks:

On technology savvy users, Lynne Murray, Digital Director Anthropology Lab at the London College of Fashion stated: "What if consumer intelligence knows more about the brand than the brand knows about the consumer?"

On in-store experience: "Boutiques are a social facilitator; we need areas in retail where you can socialise" - Sharmadean Reid, Founder of WAH London.

Decoded Fashion London Summit: Highlights & quotes

On the see now buy now trend: "We are removing the middle man in some ways, changing the Bread & Butter fair into a consumer event" - Kasia Luczak, Fashion Direction, Trendscouting & Concept Design at Zalando.

On standing out from the crowd: "Retailers need to be editors, stylists and analysts" - Pia Stanchina, Industry Manager Fashion & Luxury Retail at Google.

On selling online: "It is not all about content all of the time. At some point you have to sell clothes" - Gareth Rees-John, Global Digital Director at Topshop.

On ad blockers: "People don't mind giving personal data if the brand gives an enhanced customer experience" - Andrew Ellis, Senior Manager Europe CRM at Gap.

Decoded Fashion London Summit: Highlights & quotes

On changing public perception at Victoria Beckham: "It took a while for people to believe Victoria had something relevant to say in fashion other than being a Spice Girl" - Zach Duane, CEO at Victoria Beckham.

On connections between hook-up apps and fashion: "Our users are the ultimate definition of self-curated lives. Identity, fame and fashion are interwoven with sexual expression." - Landis Smithers, VP Marketing at Grindr.

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