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Erve Unveils Exclusive Barbie Collection at Harrods

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Credits: Erve

Erve, a leading company in licensed and branded apparel and accessories, is proud to announce its exclusive Barbie collection at Harrods. The collection was launched on July 21st, 2023, located on the 4th floor in Harrods’ childrenswear section. This collaboration celebrates the iconic Barbie brand and showcases the creativity and craftsmanship of Erve Ltd's English designers. The collection is set to captivate fashion enthusiasts of all ages.

Credits: Erve

The Erve Barbie collection in Harrods features a delightful in-store Barbie Fashion pop-up, designed in close collaboration with Mattel and Harrods. The pop-up creates a captivating experience for customers, with colourful walls adorned with the inspiring "stronger together" Barbie message. Within the pop-up, customers will find an exciting photo wall where they can capture memories in their new Harrods Barbie outfits.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Mattel and Harrods for this exclusive Barbie collection," said Tom Rossi, Managing Director at Erve Ltd. "UK based designers worked passionately to create a collection that embodies the essence of Barbie while infusing contemporary fashion trends. It's an honour to showcase our designs at Harrods, a symbol of luxury and style."

Credits: Erve

The Erve Barbie collection at Harrods features a diverse range of 16 thoughtfully designed pieces. Fashion enthusiasts can expect an array of stunning options, including sequins, mesh sleeves, holographic foil, chevron mesh overlays, embroidered pearls, glitter mesh and many more! The collection offers t-shirts with intricate embroidered details, different types of skirts including a tutu skirt, as well as dresses in various shades of pink and blue, featuring pleated skirts and denim accents. Visit Harrods, to immerse yourself in the world of Barbie fashion and explore the exclusive Erve Barbie collection. Discover the vibrant pop-up on the 4th floor of the childrenswear section, where you can find the perfect Barbie outfit and create lasting memories. Or take a look online on the Harrods webshop!

Credits: Erve

About Erve

Erve is a European leader in character licences and brands. We produce branded fashion and apparel featuring TV, film, cartoon and video game heroes. As part of Erve Group, we have eight offices across three continents, and we control the supply chain between raw materials and stores. Starting with our in-house design team and portfolio of licences – we source, produce, pack and transport collections at the request of major fashion retailers. With 37 years in the industry, our dynamic team values growth, transparency and customer focus. Our exceptional quality and sustainable practices have earned us a reputation for excellence.

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