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EU fashion leaders discuss transformative measures ahead of COP28

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Days prior to COP28, key figures in the EU fashion industry gathered at the European Parliament for the "Fashionscapes of Transformation" event, discussing the shift towards sustainable products as part of the EU's strategy against fast fashion.

The event focused on the industry's role in fulfilling the Paris Agreement commitments, emphasising policy measures like the Eco design for Sustainable Products Regulation and the Waste Framework Directive. Speakers stressed the need for a fair phase-out plan for fossil fuels in fashion-related policies.

Alessandra Moretti MEP and Livia Firth, MBE joined forces along with Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius, Paola Migliorini from DG Environment, and CEO of the European Climate Foundation, Laurence Tubiana, to highlight the EU’s leadership role in pioneering legislation for a more sustainable fashion industry.

Alessandra Moretti commented, “I'm convinced that the fashion industry can set an example for other industries in taking decisive actions in line with global climate goals particular as the word gears up for cop 28 and also in light of the European Parliament's announcement last week of baking a fossil fuel phase out. The Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation, which I have the honour to be the reporter of, plays a pivotal role in this path, and in reshaping the fashion industry towards sustainability”.

Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius stated “It’s very important to keep the textiles sector in the public eye. We must make fast fashion, past fashion. we very much want a competitive, resilient and innovative textile sector, but we want to deliver that with a different model.” He concluded, “I hope we will all be brave enough and responsible enough in our behaviour, and realise that overproduction and overconsumption impacts us all.”

Eco Age founder Livia Firth stated: “I am so grateful to the EU for taking a leadership role in tackling the two biggest issues we face today, phasing out of fossil fuels and Just Transition, through the lens of an industry which has such a huge impact. With the biggest climate conference, COP28, just three days away, it is so important that fashion is on the frontline of change. I hope this event today will be a useful reminder of what is at stake in Dubai in the next two weeks”.

The event aimed to underscore sustainability's importance in upcoming EU elections in 2024.

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