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Fashion Revolution Week highlights small businesses to bring sustainable change

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Evamoso Patricia Imbarus, courtesy Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week is starting this Saturday, and a new project called 'Small but Perfect' will make its debut at the Fashion Revolution Open Studio. The project recognises that small businesses can play a significant role in making the fashion industry more sustainable. Small businesses can lay the groundwork for more comprehensive solutions across the industry. These scalable solutions allow for long-term, sustainable changes.

Small But Perfect is a 30-month programme where 28 small and medium businesses develop solutions for the fashion industry. These solutions aim to reduce the fashion industry's environmental impact by exploring new materials, recycling, upcycling, resale, rental, regeneration and repairs.

The Fashion Open Studio will feature a range of events, workshops, and videos to showcase the research and development of each of these partnerships. These events will take place across Europe, including Berlin, Bremen, Cork, Belfast, London, and Lisbon.

According to Tamsin Blanchard, the special events curator at Fashion Revolution, some of the businesses have already seen positive outcomes, which have been integrated into their existing operations. For others, this programme marks the start of a new way of working that will make their operations fit for purpose for a fashion industry that is embracing shared economies, take-back schemes, repairs, regenerative systems, extended producer responsibility, and the connection of craft, nature, and industry.

For more information visit www.small-but-perfect.com.

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