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Find out more about the International Courses at EIDM Paris

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The EIDM offers two courses entirely in English, for French and international students. These multicultural programs enrich all students and open them towards the Fashion & Luxury industry.

Build your international success at EIDM Paris

Are you considering an international career in the fashion and luxury industry? This is possible at EIDM Paris. Whether you want to go abroad or choose one of our two international courses, the world is at your grasp. For the Spring Semester, you can integrate our Bachelor in Fashion Business (in English) or our MSc. / MBA Fashion Business & Luxury Management (also in English). The Bachelor and MSC are both recognized in France and in the world.

These courses are available to international students for one year or for a one-semester university exchange, within the framework of EIDM interinstitutional agreements. Please contact the international office of your home institution for more information.

EIDM courses in Paris, the cradle of Fashion

Bachelor in Fashion Business

The English 3-year Bachelor in Fashion Business program (BSc. Fashion Business) is a two-semester course which consists of one semester of studies followed by a one semester internship or a project-oriented work. The English 3-year program is worth 60 ECTS or 26 US credits. This course aims to provide local and international students with the knowledge and skills required to work efficiently in a global environment and analyze the values that make up the DNA of a fashion company. A second objective is to promote appropriate communication skill sets and demonstrate efficient marketing strategies. To coincide with the above, EIDM seeks to provide a strong cultural, historical, economic and sociological perspective to better understand the origin of transnational trends and optimize the positioning of the business and fashion industry.

MSc/MBA Fashion & Luxury Management

The English-taught 5-year MSc/MBA Fashion & Luxury Management course program is a two-semester course which consists of one semester of studies followed by a one-semester internship or a project-oriented work and is worth 60 ECTS or 26 US credits. The MSc/MBA program in Fashion & Luxury Management prepares our students for real expertise in the fashion world by training them for positions of responsibility. The course provides essential skills in management and entrepreneurship in the various fashion & luxury sectors. It uses a dynamic approach in order to train high-level actors ready to operate right after graduation.

The MSc/MBA in Fashion & Luxury Management takes on an organizational aspect by implementing the logistics inherent in the fashion trade in order to train for an appropriate management method and in the management of a company that prioritizes innovation and anticipation.

Available for Spring Semester

These two international programs are available for Spring Semester. You will be able to start the international courses from February and graduate at the end of the academic year.

Start your Fashion Studies in Paris

Book now your call for information based on your availability on the EIDM Admissions Manager’s calendar. You can also come to see us during our Fashion Days event.

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