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Find the perfect outfit - which style was born for you?

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INSTINCT – the ideal native styles for men. Image: Yvette LIBBY N'Guyen

A person's style is the manner in which they express themselves. Your fashion sense reflects your personality, as well as how you perceive yourself and others. There are numerous fashion styles, each with its own distinct characteristics. "How do I find the perfect outfit for me?" The first solution is to match your style to your personality. We've also included a few styles below to help you find the one that suits you best.

Classic Fashion Style

The classic look is elegant and sophisticated. With timeless beauty, classic fashion transcends seasons and years. A requirement for an outfit to be considered classic is that it reflect the trends and styles commonly associated with a specific era. Items in the classic style are typically made of high-quality materials. Classic costumes are well-cut, simple in design, with few decorative details and are made of luxurious fabrics. This style's primary colors are neutrals, whites, blacks, tan, and cobalt. For a lady who loves this classic fashion style with timeless beauty, LE MONDE will be a good choice in gown styles for ladies, as seen in the picture below.

Image: Yvette LIBBY N'Guyen

Artsy Fashion Style

Because artsy fashion is a creative style, it usually does not adhere to any particular standard or rule. This style is for you if you enjoy designing and have a high level of creativity. The main idea behind artsy style is to create something different from traditional styles. This means you can experiment with different colors and styles of clothing and accessories to develop your own personal style.

Most items in this style are handcrafted, come in bright colors, and some have unique or even strange shapes. Handcrafted items are also excellent additions to your wardrobe. The level of appeal of the fashion style will depend on the wearer's personal taste as well as his or her creativity, making it a fashion style that allows a person the most freedom. Do you enjoy causing havoc? Are you imaginative? Not afraid to experiment with new looks? Then find the perfect outfit for yourself with an artsy design such as THE EGO in White Meringue, as seen in the picture below.

Image: Yvette LIBBY N'Guyen

Casual Fashion Style

The casual fashion style is neither sloppy nor elegant. It could be a set of clothes that makes you feel comfortable while also maintaining a certain level of elegance. The featured garments of this style are relaxed fitted t-shirts and jeans.

Jeans with a fitted T-shirt, black jeans with a shirt, or a sweater with a miniskirt are typical outfits for this look.

Athleisure Fashion Style

Athleisure style is becoming more and more popular because of the comfort and convenience it brings to the wearer. This style is a newer form of casual wear, consisting of comfortable sportswear designed to be worn every day. It gives the wearer confidence, dynamism, and a modern, healthy and youthful appearance.

Loose pants, sweatpants, shorts, oversized shirts, t-shirt, crop tops, jumpsuits, sneakers are the typical outfits of athleisure style. Why not try a stylish and comfortable casual jumpsuit? This is an appropriate design for gentlemen who enjoy native styles.

Image: Yvette LIBBY N'Guyen

Chic Fashion Style

This look is distinguished by being fashionable, trendy, and always elegant. Chic fashion outfits are understated and often monochromatic. The primary colors are blacks, whites, and neutrals. The combination with luxury accessories is a style signature. Accessories are precious and often have a contrasting color to the overall outfit.

RHYTHM - the retro chic outerwear for women from Yvette LIBBY. Image: Yvette LIBBY N'Guyen

Minimal Fashion Style

Minimalism is a style that strives for the most simple but ideal beauty. The primary colors for this style are white, black, brown, and beige. The outfits are simple with a minimum of accessories. To achieve the most sophisticated look, choose well-cut, simple items, as well as color combinations that are harmonious.

Bohemian Style

The main characteristics of this style are comfort and freedom. This is the look that free-spirited and creative people prefer.

Boho fashion is inspired by the nomadic lifestyle and the clothes that aim to break the rules. Because boho designs are inspired by natural elements, there is a preference for handcrafted clothing and accessories made from natural materials. Warm earthy colors, as well as metallics and gemstone tones, are popular.

Bohemian fashion includes voluminous maxi dresses, bell-bottom pants, wide-leg pants, bold patterns and exotic prints, as well as the use of flowy and soft fabrics.

Normcore Style

Normcore fashion is appropriate for those who do not want to be associated with participating in trends and fashions that change with the seasons. Normcore wearers purposefully choose clothes that are functional and unobtrusive.

Normcore clothing is simple and timeless, such as polos, t-shirts, hoodies, short-sleeved shirts, jeans, loafers, sneakers... Because these clothes and accessories can be worn by both men and women, normcore is a gender-neutral style.

Ethnic Fashion Style

Japanese kimonos, Mexican peasant blouses, Vietnamese ao dai and ba ba, Chinese cheongsam, Afghanistan coats, and colorful bandanas inspired by gypsies…

BAVARIA SECRET - a design of kimono jacket styles from Yvette LIBBY. Image: Yvette LIBBY N'Guyen

Geeky (or Nerdy) Fashion Style

Introverts, technology enthusiasts, and readers appreciate geeky style. Loose-fitting pants, t-shirts, long-sleeved dresses, midi or long skirts, loafers, horn-rimmed glasses, and whatever you feel comfortable wearing are examples of this style.

Trendy Fashion Style

If you can afford it, trendy style is the most convenient and simple style. Fashion changes and evolves all the time, but following the general fashion trend is simple. Trendy people keep up with the latest fashion trends and refresh their wardrobes several times a year as the seasons change.

Academia Fashion Style

The academic style is influenced by literature, film, art, and architecture. It has spawned numerous subgenres, the most popular of which are dark academia and light academia. The color palettes used in light and dark academia differ. Dark academia's color palette consists primarily of dark browns, gray, and black, as well as dark green and, on occasion, navy blue. Lighter academic lighter shades of brown, beige, white, and pastels are used.

Turtlenecks, cardigans, wool sweaters, smart trousers, dress shirts, plaid skirts, Oxford shoes, and houndstooth and tweed clothing are all associated with the academia style.

POKER RULE #88 - Academia fashion style unisex design from Yvette LIBBY. Image: Yvette L N'Guyen

You are not required to adhere to the styles or standards established by others. You can select one or a few basic elements that are most appropriate for you. The fashion you want to wear is determined by factors such as your mood and the weather on that particular day. You might also want to combine a specific style with your own personal style. Be yourself! Dress as your soul desires and find the perfect outfit just for you!

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