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Flow and Balance amidst the chaos, Chandra Spring | Summer 2022 Collection

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Bav Tailor, SS22 Chandra Collection, courtesy of the brand

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Chandra SS22 – A collection of quintessential and gender-neutral garments inspired by the moon phases and our connection with Chandra’s flow to maintain balance. As per every season, the meaning of the collection is linked to Bav’s inner journey during her design process.

The holistic sphere of BAV TAILOR continues to reinforce its manifesto in support of global craftsmanship, diversity, and 'slow' fashion. The collection is focused on key pieces that narrate her desirable hygge vision. The must-have shirt, the blazer, the trouser, the anorak, the luxe t-shirt and athflow essentials. Clothes created with a purpose, rather than superfluous.

Materials remain at the core of Bav’s purpose project. As always, certified, innovative, recycled or recovered from disposed waste and acquired through the brand’s trusted suppliers, who bear internationally recognised certifications.

For this new season, the concept of dualism continues through gender-neutral silhouettes and materials that reflect a new conscious identity.

The Lokya Nadi Luxe T-Shirt and Trousers are presented in lush bio cupro plissé inspired by leaves, which trickle along the skin like the Himalayan streams - a regenerated cellulose fabric derived from cotton waste which sumptuously flows along the contours of the body.

Bav Tailor, SS22 Chandra Collection, courtesy of the brand
Bav Tailor, SS22 Chandra Collection, courtesy of the brand

The Prana Moon Anorak and Jacket are presented in a more luxurious supple textured MARM\MORE, created from Italian marble extract, the result of a project that contributes to protect the land and valleys from the mountains dismemberment, and encourage the use of by-products as a raw material. Precious Biellese green certified cotton and linen blends cultivated with sustainable production processes have been incorporated into the new Lokya Chandra Culottes and Blazer while the Lokya Chandra Shirt is presented in the brand’s signature 3D textured Japanese salt-finished organza silk whilst the new Shakti Chandra Jumpsuit in bio silk which remain must have fabrics due to scientific energy benefits that stem from Indian culture where silk is known to attract and absorb electromagnetic energy to create an instant feeling of calm and concentration whilst providing hypoallergenic and beauty enhancing properties. The brand’s iconic crisp Lokya Cube Shirt in naturally cultivated organic nettle known as Nordic silk due to its finesse and translucent sheen and renowned as the most breathable natural fibre that exists due to its moisture releasing properties, is juxtaposed with the new Prana Chandra Trousers in a green certified seersucker in a fresh blend of cotton and linen with soft, precious threads of silk which form part of a new project.

Presented as part of the BAV TAiLOR “Artisanal Lab” platform which endeavours to showcase the refined craftsmanship of global artisans and promote creative talent, this season showcases an ancient Damascus block printing technique that has been brought back to life by the wonderful artisans of Lebanon at the Studio Kunukku - a design studio based in Beirut, Lebanon that aims to tell stories of displaced communities through lost and endangered crafts. Founded in 2020 by Sarah Hayes an American anthropologist with a focus on migration, cultural heritage and identities. Studio Kunukku aims to utilise block printing as a medium for social change and transformation. This joint collaboration has resulted in the creation of a gender-neutral capsule collection of clothing and travel size yoga / pranayama meditation mat which forms part of BAV TAiLOR’s shanti wellness sphere.

To enrich the wellness offer, athflow pieces and pranayama accessories form part of two Artisanal Lab collaborations that support the artisans in India and Africa, both homelands and ancestorial roots of Bav. The yoga/athflow essential pieces presented in an innovative material SENSITIVE® SCULPT, a certified blend obtained from through the SensitivEcoSystem® which boasts superior breathability and moisture control benefits to the skin, have been produced in India by London based company Kapdaa, a 360° sustainable hub that produces items with a zero-waste offcuts policy embedded into its DNA. The company’s uniqueness lies in the circularity of the supply chain whilst addressing the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and tackles well-documented human welfare issues such as working conditions, wellbeing, fair pay and women’s empowerment.

Bav Tailor, SS22 Chandra Collection, courtesy of the brand
Bav Tailor, SS22 Chandra Collection, courtesy of the brand
The Ying|Yang Chandra candle and incense holder set comprises of two semi-spheres in sandstone, sourced and sculpted by the soulful craftsman of Afrikiko in Tabaka, Kenya in Sub-Saharan Africa, a fair-trade project that supports the livelihood of local communities and promotes innovative Kenyan deco products and remains to date a member of KEFAT, the Kenyan chapter of WFTO.

A free-spirited collection, for the worldly nomad.

Bav Tailor, SS22 Chandra Collection, courtesy of the brand

The colour palette, as always, remains the exploration in the nuances of crystals and earth tones, fused with natural and refined materials. An approach in harmonic symmetry with a sober and balanced way of thinking. Shades include moon white for purity, clarity and connection, ash grey for energy and strength, and hematite grey for concentration, courage and balance with a touch of rose quartz to instil compassion, peace and healing. The collections of BAV TAiLOR, following the mantra ‘respect your body + your sphere’, are a hymn to the beauty of the world, exhort to show love for space, mind and body. This philosophy is demonstrated by the use of materials certified for sustainability and quality from suppliers according to the following categories amongst others: ISO 9001 / Seri.co / Traceability & fashion / GOTS / EU Ecolabel / ICEA / Fiducia Nel tessile / CAN / Color system project / Global recycle standards / Oeko-tex / FSC/ Wastemark / SensitivEcoSystem®


BAV TAiLOR | conscious luxury - a holistic sphere to educate and inspire individuals to live responsibly, follow best practice sustainability models and discover narratives of our conscious luxury products ethically produced by light workers bearing the 100% Made in Italy authenticity hallmark as well as our Artisanal Lab capsule collaborations which strives to support global artisans renowned for their unique local craft.

Each BAV TAiLOR creation is a collective fusion of gender-neutral, generationless silhouettes and effortless geometrical volumes inspired by design, architecture and Eastern philosophies crafted from wellness certified natural or recycled materials. The brand’s DNA is built around a “360° conscious manifesto”, stemming from the digital low waste design process, innovative materials, through to an ethical and transparent production chain. The project pledges to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint whilst making social contributions through its memberships which endeavour to support the ‘United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’. A Member of Positive Luxury [CSR brand 2020], awarded the Butterfly Mark for a company-wide commitment to sustainability, and Common Objective [CO Leader 2022], through the mantra ‘respect your body+ your sphere’, the brand encourages to respect your body through the wellness materials that adorn the skin, whilst nurturing the sphere that surrounds us.

Born in London, Indian by origin, a nomad in spirit, Bav Tailor, the Founder and Conscious Creative of the brand launched in 2015, upholds the tradition of her ancestors and Grandfathers, great Sartorialists, sourcing materials from suppliers, which encapsulate excellence in innovation, craftsmanship and respectful standards. Bav Tailor, member of British Fashion Council and selected Designer by the Italian Camera Moda Fashion Trust, for the project ‘Together for Tomorrow’ and ‘CNMI Designers for the Planet’, has been awarded the first Taomoda 2020 Eco-Luxury Award, during Taormina Fashion Week, the ‘Conscious Designer’ award by the Arab Fashion Council and nominated Vogue Talent finalist of ‘Who Is On Next 2019?’, scouting project promoted by Altaroma and Vogue Italia with whom she showcased during the ‘Vogue Talents 10 Anniversary’ exhibition, each creation is an effortless tailor-made fit allowing freedom of movement, functionality, and peace of mind during one’s evolution of the conscious awareness.

The brand endeavours to not harm humans or animals for the creation of any BAV TAiLOR piece. Premium natural fabrics as well as certified eco-sustainable materials are carefully sourced with the focus on ensuring very close-knit relationships with suppliers and agents, BAV TAiLOR aims on one spectrum to ensure that ethical work standards are upheld, whilst providing a platform ‘artisanal lab’ for young creatives to express their artistic talents, in the hope of having their work recognised by talent scouts.

Bav Tailor, SS22 Chandra Collection, courtesy of the brand

Each piece in the collection soulfully categorises into silhouettes for all creeds and forms:

SHAKTI symbolises energy and empowerment. Sartorial pieces that represent liberation, movement and divine femininity.
Pieces inspired by the strength of a woman, the empowering Goddess; shakti chandra jumpsuit.

DVAITA entails the concept of dualism, the existence of two separate realities. Each piece within the collection maybe worn in at least two different ways.
Pieces inspired to remain multi-functional to suit all souls; dvaita chandra blazer

SUCI depicts clean and purified lines. Fabrics crisply align with the contours of the skin to cleanse the soul. Sartorial pieces inspired by Japanese origami techniques; suci nadi trousers

LOKYA bestows freedom. Pieces that allow movement and flexibility. Precious noble fibres that flow freely on the skin without restrictions, delicately allowing the body and mind to breath, respecting ethics and the environment; lokya chandra culottes

PRANA incorporates 3D elements which symbolise life force, an energy flow around the body. Pieces inspired by Japanese transformational reconstruction creating sartorial contours with exquisite materials that encase the body; prana chandra kaftan

A project dedicated to the Existentialist, a free-spirited individual determined by independently authentic choices and actions which constitute accomplishments and their inner existence.

respect your body + your sphere



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