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For blue and clean oceans: Arch & Hook produces hangers out of ocean-bound waste

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Arch & Hook is helping fashion and retail brands reach their sustainability goals by producing hangers, furniture and fixtures out of sustainable materials. BLUEWAVE® is Arch & Hook’s own thermoplastic material made from 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic, marine plastic and post-consumer plastic, collected predominantly from four of the most polluted rivers in the world. It gives new life to plastic waste that would otherwise end up in our oceans. The combination of materials, collected from coastal areas and riverbanks, is sorted and separated, shredded, transported, and prepared as raw material to make the modular design hangers that feature notches and add-on bars and clips so it can be used for any garment, in any combination.

Image: Arch & Hook

From sportswear, department stores, high-end fashion and the hospitality industry, to name a few, Arch & Hook is thrilled to have supported hundreds of companies around the globe to advance their sustainability goals. Their impressive client portfolio is continuously growing, as more and more fashion and retail brands set their sustainability goals around eliminating single-use fossil-fuel based virgin plastic.

Arch & Hook hangers, furniture and fixtures are designed by their expert product design team in Amsterdam. They offer standardised hanger models, that can be adapted to any brand’s needs, by customising colors, brand logos, and other elements and they also work on fully tailor-made projects.

One recent project, Arch & Hook is especially proud of is having designed and produced a special edition of The Ocean Race hangers, which allowed them to showcase their commitment to cleaner oceans and demonstrate how their products can be used to set a precedent for sustainably conscious businesses.

Image: Archwey

Archwey, Arch & Hook’s holding group, shares its commitment to end the world’s reliance on fossil fuel-based virgin plastic. “By partnering with The Ocean Race as the Official Plastic-Free Ocean Partner, we are working together to eliminate marine plastic pollution,” says Archwey CEO, Sjoerd Fauser. The Ocean Race is the toughest team test in sport. For 50 years, it has pitted the world’s greatest sailors against each other in a race around the world. The Ocean Race’s commitment to sporting brilliance is matched by its commitment to preserving ocean health.

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