From inspiration to production, Mushin is all about creation

After numerous interviews with players in the fashion market highlights the fact that the traditional business model is no longer sufficient to generate high performance: brands need more creativity, lighter processes and faster decision-making procedures.

That’s why, at Mushin, we have thought up the future of visual collaboration. We believe in breaking down barriers and connecting all the people involved in the product creation and development process.

We want to take the fashion world from a push model in which:

  • budgets are twice what they should be due to costs in connection with setting up business and remaining stock
  • profit margins are impacted by discounts, unsold stock and slow sales rates
  • human resources are not expandable to get things done
  • development capacities are bottlenecks
  • 30% of the time the products are wrong and/or badly timed

To a pull model, in which:

  • brands can obtain high added value, actionable data
  • suppliers and traders can accurately foresee trends
  • everyone can avoid duplicated work and overlapping decisions
  • you can rely on strong partnerships
  • we target zero unsold stock and zero discounts
From inspiration to production, Mushin is all about creation

Boost your market insight and trend forecasting capacity

Heads of Design travel the world to keep up with the market pulse, understand customers’ needs and culture changes. Their challenge Is to process all that information and share it with their teams in order to create the right products.

Leroy Merlin/Adéo and Meuble Gautier use Mushin to capture the latest trends and share their market knowledge directly during their trips. With the mobile app, they collect, share and communicate their data simultaneously, wherever they are.

“Travelling with Mushin has improved our customer insight and the exploitation of our inspiration. Our trips are now cost-efficient and our products meet our clients’ expectations.” – Veronique Brochard, Head of Design, Meuble Gautier (home furniture).

Do you collect and share a lot of trend forecasting and market insight data? Unleash your teams’ creativity and decision-making capacity with Mushin.

Develop coherent creations and a clear brand DNA

Salomon develops thousands of lines of products for their winter sport community every year. Designers need to share the same vision and knowledge of the customers’ personas to create and design the best products for them.  They use Mushin to gather all their inspirations and share the best of them to make sure they’re all on the same track. Thanks to the visual approach, they make sure products are meeting with the original archetypes of customers every step of the way.

“Creating innovative products for our demanding customers is simplier thanks to Mushin. Our products are more coherent and relevant. By making our brand DNA more readable and aligning designers, we keep our level of product desirability.” – David Farcot, Head of Design Winter Sport, Salomon.

Do you continually strive to keep on top of trends and performance with your teams? Make your life easier with Mushin!

From inspiration to production, Mushin is all about creation

Revolutionize your product development with the Creative Buying

Product sourcing and development between brand’s and suppliers or traders is usually painful and expensive. That’s why PDS Multinational, a global sourcing trader, and their clients (fashion brands) chose Mushin to communicate. They all entered the era of the Creative Buying with a digital showroom. In a single digital place, brands and suppliers or traders communicate on the right products to optimise the development process. As a result, less samples are produced, the time-to-market is significantly reduced, more products are sold at full margin.

How many of the products you develop are actually in the shelf? With Mushin, you can develop your products more accurately, thus reducing the need for samples and meet consumer needs and speeds of consumption.

From design to production, Mushin is all about creation

If you are looking to launch more innovative and trendy products with a quicker time-to-market, Mushin is your solution. Mushin is a platform for early-adopters and far-sighted brands who want to change the game by breaking down barriers and connecting all the people involved in the product creation process. In addition, Mushin is the new global and digital place to be for brands, suppliers and traders to reduce time-to-market. The platform's goal is to unleash product teams’ creativity and boldness so that they can create better products for their customers with less physical samples and greater cost-efficiency during the whole development process.

If you think that visual collaboration is the key to improve collective intelligence and success, come and join us and our community of early-adopters on Mushin!


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