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G-Star RAW launches their original Y2K styles

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Image: G-Star RAW, Y2K capsule collection, courtesy of the brand

G-Star’s newest capsule collection features limited-edition styles straight from the year 2000. No edits, no additions, just pure original G-Star styles from Y2K. Fashion model Rose Bertram curated the collection featuring all of the nostalgic designs.

The Y2K revival

Born in 1989, G-Star RAW’s first years were lived through the hedonistic '90s and '00s. It was a time of cultural relevance, when the internet was born and low-rise jeans were worn. And with the Y2K trend growing more prevalent every month, it seems a straight-forward decision for G-Star to re-launch 11 original Y2K styles – personally handpicked by Bertram - without any edits or additions.

Remaking complete replicas to satisfy everyone’s nostalgic needs and help you relive those iconic years. Collection highlights include cropped army pants, a strapless denim mini dress and a cropped logo tee.

Curated collection by Rose Bertram

Belgian model Rose Bertram (1994) grew up through the 00's era, with her style inevitably inspired by that time. With Y2K inspiring her daily outfits, G-Star assigned her to curate their new capsule collection. Choosing the best pieces from the old archival collection, with a limited amount of styles available to buy in 2022.

"I love the 00’s. When G-Star asked me to curate the Y2K collection; directly from their archive, I had to say yes. It was super inspiring because I love the brand and the era. I picked my favorite original designs, all from the year 2000. And they've been recreated without any edits or additions. So we're really bringing Y2K into 2022." – Rose Bertram

The G-Star RAW Y2K capsule collection will be available to purchase from 18th October 2022.

Image: G-Star RAW, Y2K capsule collection, courtesy of the brand
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