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Global superpowers commit to AI safety regulations

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Artificial Intelligence Credits: Tradebyte

The United Kingdom this week played host to the inaugural International AI Safety Summit, bringing together 28 nations, including global superpowers like the United States, China, and the European Union, in a united effort to address the potentially "catastrophic" risks associated with the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hailed this development as a significant milestone, emphasizing that it signifies a consensus among the world's most influential AI players regarding the urgency of comprehending the risks posed by AI for the sake of future generations.

The participating nations collectively endorsed a "Bletchley Declaration," underscoring the need for collaborative efforts and the establishment of a shared approach to AI oversight, Reuters reported. The declaration outlines a comprehensive agenda aimed at identifying shared risks and fostering a deeper scientific understanding of these risks. Additionally, it calls for the formulation of cross-border policies to mitigate challenges. A subsequent summit is scheduled to convene in South Korea within six months, followed by another meeting in France in a year's time.

AI and fashion

Like most industries, the fashion industry is on the brink of a transformative era by the possibilities of generative AI, a trend substantiated by data from McKinsey. The emerging technology has the potential to revolutionise various facets of the business. According to McKinsey's analysis, in the coming three to five years, generative AI has the potential to conservatively contribute 150 billion dollars and potentially up to 275 billion dollars to the operational profits of the apparel, fashion, and luxury sectors. From co-designing to expediting content creation processes, generative AI offers novel avenues for creativity. It can assimilate various forms of "unstructured" data, including raw text, images, and videos, and generate diverse media forms, such as fully-written scripts, 3-D designs, and lifelike virtual models for video campaigns.

Nonetheless, there are significant legal considerations surrounding generative AI, a key topic at the UK summit. Matters like copyright issues, potential biases inherent in data sets, and the spread of misinformation are all issues that require a careful and comprehensive approach to any AI integration.