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GOT BAG continues to grow: How the new KIDS backpacks make little ocean explorers stand up for cleaner oceans

By Sponsor

4 Aug 2021


Following the world's first backpack made of ocean plastic for adults, the sustainable lifestyle fashion label GOT BAG launches its first children's collection. With its mission to "Create an Impact," the German start-up not only stands for acting sustainably, but actively bringing about change. For founder and dad Benjamin Mandos, this needs to start at a young age: "With our brand, we attract attention and sensitize people worldwide to a more conscious use of natural resources. So it's quite obvious that we have to start with the youngest ones still having their future ahead of them."

Together with its supporters, the GOT BAG Family, GOT BAG wants to leave clean oceans for the little ones. With the collection consisting of a mini version of its iconic DAYPACKS, shirts, sweaters and a children's book, GOT BAG captures the play of colors of the ocean ecosystem and encourages participation and reflection. With the new collection, every child becomes an ocean rescuer – through messages on the apparel and through the backpacks carrying more than responsibility: namely, plastic waste from the ocean collected by fishermen.

Inspired by the look of waves, green-blue depths, edgy reefs and sandy beaches, the six versions of the GOT BAG DAYPACK MINI captures the ocean colors, just like the adult ones. The unicolor versions come in "rose pearl," "blue waters", and "reef." The multi-colored ones come in "driftwood multi" and "soft shell multi". The "reef multi" also has the delightful addition of ocean-saver patches. Functional and child-friendly, the DAYPACK MINI is easily accessible thanks to a generous opening and wide straps with Velcro fasteners – perfect for even small children's hands. The chest strap protects against slipping, even when children’s adventures become a little wilder. Reflectors on the shoulder straps provide visible protection in traffic and both straps are ergonomically adjustable to the child's size. The padded wave embroidery on the back ensures comfortable carrying. In addition to a lunch box and the favorite toy, an elastic strap also holds a water bottle.

For each DAYPACK MINI, 1.2kg/2.6 lb of ocean plastic is recycled from GOT BAG’s in-house clean-up program which sees over 2000 fishermen in Indonesia on the coast of Java collect plastic waste as bycatch. The PET content is then transformed into a high-quality yarn for GOT BAG. The water-repellent coating is PFC-free. To keep the carbon footprint as low as possible, the finished products are transported primarily by train and ship from Asia to Europe.

Real ocean supporters proudly carry their passion around the world and now young ocean lovers can also show how important they are for their future with the apparel belonging to the KIDS collection. There are two versions, both with appealing ocean prints: Two cotton T-shirts with eco-friendly ROICA™ elastane and two sweaters, each made of 50% cotton and 50% recycled cotton. All items come from sustainable and fair family production and are recyclable or compostable.

The read-aloud book "Mika looks up" is a child-friendly adventure, which shows where our plastic waste disappears to, through a fun cartoon story. Mika is searching for a missing yogurt cup and finds it in a somewhat strange underwater world. In the process, the child meets some ocean creatures until she realizes: Cleaning up is good – less plastic is better. For children aged 4 to 9.

The price for the uni and multi-colored GOT BAG DAYPACK MINI models is 59 EUR. The model with the patches is priced at 69 EUR. The T-shirts are 29 EUR, the sweaters are 44 EUR, and the book is 14 EUR each.

The products will be available at www.got-bag.comm from the end of August 2021. Interested retailers are welcome to contact retail@got-bag.com even for small quantities.

Read more about GOT BAG on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/got-bag