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H&M reveals most recycled denim collection to date

By Kristopher Fraser

3 Sep 2021


Image: H&M

H&M is continuing to expand its commitment to sustainability. The brand has revealed a ten-piece collection featuring baggy jeans, loose straight-leg jeans, a trucker jacket, and an oversized overshirt, along with a bucket hat and shopper, all ‘90s inspired. This marks the brand’s most recycled collection to date. The products are made out of 100 percent recycled fabrics, threads, labels and pocketing, and partly out of recycled metal zippers and trims.

H&M’s washing technique has a low environmental impact and is free from harmful chemicals. The H&M Recycled Denim collection launches September 9 with selected pieces in stores and the whole range online at hm.com.

With a focus on patchwork details and ‘90s denim washes, including vintage light blue, normcore mid-blues, dark vintage blues, vintage blacks and cool grey, the new collection was designed to help H&M highlight the versatility of recycled denim. Each of the garments are crafted from 100 percent recycled fabrics – pre-consumer recycled cotton from industrial waste cuttings and post-consumer recycled cotton from collected garments, some with recycled polyester, while the accessories are made entirely from fabrics that have been cut and re-used from production rejections. This is just the latest in H&M’s efforts to move to a more circular production system.