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How the MyTrainingPal app is helping share Lenzing’s fiber knowledge among consumer brands

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Image: Vernon Yeo, Director for Global Cobranding & Retail Marketing for Lenzing.

To achieve textile sustainability, challenges need to be addressed at every stage of the value chain. First and foremost, there must be a true understanding of what exactly sustainability means. A well-informed value chain not only builds better products but empowers consumers with knowledge of how a product is made, which ultimately shapes purchasing decisions.

How brands communicate their sustainability credentials is a considerable yet important challenge to address. “Providing consumers with immediate and accurate information equips them with greater confidence in their purchase decisions." said Vernon Yeo, Director for Global Cobranding & Retail Marketing for Lenzing. To this point, consumer-facing retail staff are often faced with questions on sourcing, production processes, fiber benefits and end-of-life disposal options. However, traditional training on these topics can be time-consuming and restrictive, making it difficult for brands and retailers to hone their expertise on these subjects.

Lenzing has long understood the importance of education in fostering a sustainable textile industry. Now, the global fiber manufacturer has launched a new program available in over 20 languages designed to provide consumer brands with real-time textile training. Known as MyTrainingPal, the micro-training program is a unique way for brands and retailers to deepen their understanding of Lenzing’s leading brands, TENCEL™ and VEOCEL™. By making training accessible at a moment’s notice, Lenzing's MyTrainingPal program looks to overcome the barriers of conventional training, shifting the onus of learning about a product’s sustainability offerings off consumers solely.

Image: MyTrainingPal by Lenzing

"We at Lenzing work closely with consumers, brands, and manufacturers on a daily basis and the key to seamless collaboration is product transparency," said Yeo, a key driver of the MyTrainingPal app. "The MyTrainingPal app bridges the final mile for brands and retailers in the customer journey, equipping consumer-facing retail staff with the knowledge to answer questions and convey information about Lenzing’s fiber offerings accurately. In turn, consumers have full confidence, knowing they’ve made an informed and conscious choice that is less harmful to the environment.”

MyTrainingPal is a unique, proven training program that can be personalized and modified based on the specific needs of each brand or retailer. The program simplifies training by delivering bite-size lessons on the impact, benefits, and functions of TENCEL™ and VEOCEL™ branded content, with each designed to be completed in under eight minutes.

Image: MyTrainingPal via Lenzing

The app also allows brands and retailers to set up their own lessons on subjects they wish to train their staff on, with a section dedicated to providing access to a library of third-party courses focused on upskilling. In addition, MyTrainingPal’s messaging function allows users within the same organization to discuss key learnings from the courses. Users are also kept up-to-date via the app whenever their organization introduces new brand- or retailer-specific developments or products. Additionally, the rewards system in the app honors users with ‘stars’, a virtual currency built into the platform that is earned through successful course completion and other activities, users can then exchange these for a chance to win prizes.

Since the global rollout of the MyTrainingPal Program in April, Yeo said feedback has been positive, with Lenzing reporting a number of inquiries from brands about the app. "Brands have been curious about the app (which is good for us!) and were pleased to learn that Lenzing is taking steps to make training on fiber knowledge and textile sustainability more accessible,” said Yeo. “Ultimately, the goal of this training portal is to encourage more accessible information on product sustainability. As an industry, we can only enact positive change by first understanding what this change looks like,” he added.

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