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I Sette Giorni: a bag for every woman, seven days a week

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24 Nov 2021


I Sette Giorni: 'Seven Days' in Italian is the name of the bag brand by Belgian designer Katelijne Van Renterghem. The secret behind her creations? Functionality, flexibility and versatility. The first I Sette Giorni bag line, featuring a handbag for every day of the week, launched in 2018. Due the first collection’s success, a second line is currently in the making. Van Renterghem is working on a 'croco line', or in other words, "a line of beautiful and timeless leather handbags with croco print."

New bag line I Sette Giorni inspired by beautiful vintage croco bags

According to Van Renterghem, women, especially business women, deserve a beautiful handbag that can be used for different purposes. That is, one that can hold a variety of things but is also not too heavy. "I decided to go for croco-printed bags, for which I took my inspiration from my mother's beautiful vintage handbags in the past," said the designer. Van Renterghem's philosophy of functionality, quality, and versatility is continued in the new line, including the colour palette: "Just like the first line of I Sette Giorni, I take my inspiration from Italy. Particularly when it comes to the colour palette. Besides the classic black bag, I have chosen the colours Testa Moro (dark brown), Grigio (grey), and Cuoio (cognac). I would also like to consider using a green colour. Just like the first collection, I’m going to use seven colours for the new line. For the colours, which are not yet known, I will mainly look at the colour trends. The intention is to add two trendy colours per season." Van Renterghem emphasized that it is important to her that a woman's handbag matches her look and personality. A future project is to create jewels that turn the bags into gems.

I Sette Giorni is timeless

The new models are designed with the daily needs of the modern business woman in mind. There is also a larger model of the shopper available which fits the latest Macbook Pro. It comes in the black croco print.

The tote bag and the shopper from Van Renterghem's first bag line can still be found in the collection.

In the name of functionality, each bag contains a clutch. These clutches have a chain and are also available separately in a range of colours. In addition, the collection has expanded to include a wallet, a glass case, a small classy crossover bag and a backpack available in the same colours as the large bags. A padel bag in denim/leather will shortly be introduced and complete the collection.

The croco line is a special edition that for the moment will only be available for personal order and is therefore not in stock. Should retailers be interested in our bags for their stores, they can contact the brand at info@isettegiorni.be. The bag collection will soon be displayed on the I Sette Giorni website and instagram.

About I Sette Giorni

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