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In pictures: The new AW20 collection of men's clothing brand LAW OF THE SEA

By Sponsor

24 Sept 2020


Surfboards, sailor stripes and endless sea tones. Dutch menswear brand LAW OF THE SEA brings the ultimate daily collection with a nod to the sea. The label's collection refers a lot to coastal areas and is designed for all men who like to spend time by the ocean.

"We are united by the waters on our planet. Driven by the currents at sea. Grateful for every swell, ride, and inspiration of the mysterious ocean ".

LAW OF THE SEA's brand slogan is clearly a love letter to the ocean. LAW OF THE SEA's compact collection can be described as eclectic and feels unique and universal. It contains a mix of sleek Scandinavian styles with a cheeky edge, creating a collection that is both minimalist and playful.

The brand strives for a series of strong basics, such as hoodies and T-shirts, supplemented with a number of good eye-catchers. Quality and a strong silhouette are at the core of every design.

The brand is not aimed at a specific type of man. The label serves a large audience with a silhouette that is generally attractive and a collection that is accessible to all men. Their love for the wild and free ocean is what unites them. Regardless of age or personality.

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