Interview: Daniel Dewhurst, Account Manager at Crew à la Mode Palma

Career in fashion is an important issue on FashionUnited. With this interview series, we would like to show how versatile the industry is and introduce the professionals who work in the fashion and apparel industry. Recently, we talked to Daniel Dewhurst from yacht clothing consultancy, Crew à la Mode, who told FashionUnited more about his role as Account Manager.

Crew à la Mode is a yacht clothing consultancy, with 10 year’s luxury yachting expertise, they produce and distribute luxury performance clothing for some of the largest and most prestigious yachts, private residencies and aviation fleets around the world. Based in London and hosting a Palma de Mallorca showroom, Crew à la Mode’s interchangeable and intelligently colour matched clothing ensures that the crew are in weather-appropriate uniforms featuring advanced technological fabrics.

Interview: Daniel Dewhurst, Account Manager at Crew à la Mode Palma

What led you to working at Crew à la Mode?

I started as an intern 10 years ago with Crew à la Mode and am now part of the client services team as a key Account Manager. I studied at Edinburgh for two years and completed my illustration degree in Lancashire. After some travel, I moved to London and started my own small business. I’ve always been interested in clothing, design and the fashion industry, so I began doing illustration and screen printing t-shirts for my own clothing brand. I ran the business online and at markets for almost six years. I knew fashion was something I wanted to pursue and decided to apply for an internship at Crew. The rest is history! I have since worked across all aspects of the business.

What does being an Account Manager at Crew involve?

I’m currently an Account Manager, which means I work in client services. I’m part of initial meetings with clients, establishing their requirements and needs - and I work alongside them, helping to manage budgets, timings and expectations. There’s also problem solving involved in case any issues may arise! We try to build good relationships with all of our clients, so that we can help as efficiently as possible.

Interview: Daniel Dewhurst, Account Manager at Crew à la Mode Palma

Would you say that you’ve always wanted to work in the luxury yacht and apparel industry?

To be honest, I’ve learned an awful lot whilst working at Crew and built my confidence over the years. I’ve learnt to be adaptable, in this industry that’s key! I enjoy being able to offer clients something that’s different within the industry and we all try to exceed client expectations where we can.

Style versus practicality, which one would you choose?

I like to be active. I do plenty of cycling and running, so I spend a lot of my day in technical sportswear. Before and after work I go for more practical clothing. It’s quite handy because I take full advantage of researching and testing out a lot of our new performance fabrics.

What part does technology and innovation play at Crew?

We have an amazing in-house design team and production department. They’re constantly working to keep us one step ahead. We’re always working on new ideas, introducing people to the latest fabrics, trying to improve comfort and durability for yacht crew. It’s great to work with a team that constantly wants to step things up.

What other services do Crew offer to clients?

Crew à la Mode also specialises in Bespoke Design, Bespoke Sourcing, Designer Collaborations, Customisation, Stewardess Services, Graphic Design, Budget Management, Project Planning, Storage Solutions and so much more.

Interview: Daniel Dewhurst, Account Manager at Crew à la Mode Palma

Is there any advice you’d like to share?

When you join something from the start you feel invested. You want to do as much as possible for the business and people - I’ve always felt that way with Crew.

This article was created in cooperation with Crew à la Mode.

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Photos: courtesy of Crew à la Mode


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