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Interview: Nicole Cavallo on her role as Creative Director of Nicole Milano, part of Pronovias

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Fashion careers are a very important topic for FashionUnited. With this interview series, we will showcase the versatility of this industry and learn more about the professionals who work in the world of fashion. Recently, we spoke with Nicole Cavallo, who shared with FashionUnited more about her role as Creative Director of Nicole Milano, part of the leading global luxury bridal group Pronovias.

Being Nicole Milano’s Creative Director, what is your typical working day like?

There is no such thing as a ‘’typical working day’’, every day there is something new to learn and do! When I am not abroad on a business trip, I enjoy going to the gym before getting to the office at 9am. I strongly believe in the wise saying “Mens sana in corpore sano’’.
As soon as I get to the office, I usually meet with the team to do a briefing and brainstorm together.
Following up, I organize myself with all the ongoing projects we have. I try to spend some time every day checking next upcoming trends to get inspiration for my creations.
Social media is also a significant part of my job. Product and marketing are tightly connected, so nowadays, social networking is one of the most effective working tools.

What do you like the most of your work?

I am, first, very passionate of the bridal world and wedding dresses – having the opportunity to work in an environment that coincides with your passion is already a great point.
Furthermore, I love, and I have always been up to date on fashion trends, and I am constantly researching new seasonal fashion trends on the haute couture.
While I am on the Atelier and we have the official fittings I really feel I am in the right place, so I really enjoy what I do! Also, when I am with real brides advising for the most especial day of their life, I get as excited as if it was the first time – I feel their emotions when they try-on the dress and I feel they are dreaming as I do.

How does your desk look like? And your office?

I must confess that my desk is a bit messy and I often leave my stationary around so then it easily to find them! I work on an open space which I really enjoy so we can always work all together as a whole team!

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?

I couldn’t start my daily journey without coffee! I usually drink around three cups of coffee per day – always trying not to get more than three!

Have you always desired to work in the fashion industry?

My whole life! I have never ever imagined myself in a different field!

Which piece is a must-have in each wardrobe? / Which one is your favourite item of clothing?

A black smoking tux is the must-have of all the wardrobes… And it’s also my favourite piece this season!

If you did not work for Nicole, which kind of career would you have chosen?

I probably would have studied economy, but I would have linked anyway to men’s fashion.

What is necessary to become the Creative Director of such a famous brand in the fashion bridal scenery?

In my opinion, the passion and the competence go together on any job position, and so it applies for my career too. These two ingredients are key and must be also supplemented with much determination, effort and loads of sacrifice!

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