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JOOP! Menswear Trend Report Spring/Summer 2020

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The JOOP! Collection Spring/Summer 2020 celebrates the Mediterranean lifestyle: it's time for pleasure and sensuousness.

With the motto ‘Blue Hour Bar’, JOOP! Menswear is clearly inspired by the colours, fragrances and aromas of a Mediterranean summer. Fresh, fruity summer cocktails that stimulate the senses and capture the taste of the most beautiful time of the year form the prelude. Balmy summer nights are enjoyed with friends over a delicious meal and tasty and refreshing drinks – the collection celebrates this zest for life and provides fitting aesthetic accents. The JOOP! man, who is at the very heart of life, knows how to enjoy and savour the beautiful sides of life.

With the title ‘Be on board’, JOOP! JEANS showcases the casual and sporty side of men's fashion. Inspired by the sea, sun, beach and watersports, such as the sporty dynamism of motor yachting, the collection conveys a relaxed summer feeling. The JOOP! man experiences his leisure time in an intense and active way and completely focuses on himself in these private moments.

A relaxed day by the sea reveals the range and variety of the collection: in the morning, it's all about the JOOP! swim shorts on the boat and in the water with friends, where fun and zest for life are the top priority. Later, he meets friends for lunch and a cool drink clad in either casual or elegant pieces. In the evenings, it’s a casual approach in JOOP! JEANS at the beach party or dressed up in JOOP! in a cool club or trendy bar. Just like a cocktail mixed from the best energising ingredients, the JOOP! Collection is also a mix of stylish ingredients. Thanks to new combinations of classic looks and casual sportswear, a fresh and exciting but harmonious mix of styles is created that underpins the individuality of the wearer and serves as a stylistic companion in every situation and for every occasion.

The colours in the current JOOP! Menswear collection are inspired by the various ingredients in a Mediterranean summer cocktail. This is also reflected in the colour descriptions. Depending on the cocktail mixture, a correspondingly harmonious colour image is created, which is played with in a nuanced way on the respective delivery dates. As accent colours, fresh Lemon Slice Yellow, dark Cocktail Cherry Red, Martini Rosso Rosé and intensive Sundowner Salmon conjure up a summery mood. Salmon tones contrast with khaki and beige tones, while yellow makes an appearance in combination with blue tones. The palette of red shades comes to the fore thanks to neutral grey facets. Subdued classic colours such as navy, black, grey and beige contrast with fresh colours as well as playful floral motifs and graphic designs and prints.


The JOOP! Collection Spring/Summer 2020 interprets the current successful concept of JOOP! Menswear in a seasonally light and casual, fresh and colourful way. The collection comprises masculine looks with a touch of luxury which is evident in the high-quality materials, the high level of detail and the play with subtle or obvious branding.

Linen and linen mixes are the favourite materials of the season and stand for pure summer! Very fine cotton and cotton blends as well as light and summery special wools that offer a high level of comfort when incorporated into blended fabrics are used, including some with stretch. All of this season’s pieces convey an elegant and casual appearance and a light, pleasant feel in summer.

Cross-over is a central theme of the 2020 season, whereby casual and classic design elements merge as a matter of course to form an overall summary statement. The silhouette is urban and contemporary and works with subtle contrasts. As the element that sets the tone, slim fit is casually and loosely translated and plays with layering, complexity and various finishes.

With trousers, JOOP! presents its new chino collection which combines classic tailoring with contemporary design. ‘In-Formal’ is the name of the mega trend in which the transitions between a business and leisure look are fluid, the styles flexible and variable. The trousers can as easily be worn with waistcoat and sports jacket as they can with bomber jacket and t-shirt. The focus is on the detailed finishing and attractive features: coloured floral prints for the lining surprise on the inside. Exquisite materials and a range of established fits ensure optimum comfort and a perfect fit. Trendsetters wear linen and linen mixes on structures and overdyes or traditional checks in current translations.

JOOP! suits impress with their lightness and flexibility. In the business segment, the successful JOOP! modular suit gains in attractiveness thanks to seasonal additions. A new design language is introduced with the narrow, sharp and yet naturally cut suit ‘Damon Gun’. This alternative silhouette also finds its way into the NOS in addition to the open collection. The established split suit is available as a set with sports jacket, waistcoat and trousers or as individual pieces. It has a more fashionable look and is available in linen and in sophisticated designs and checks in intense colours. The slim silhouette always sets the tone.

The JOOP! sports jacket is an excellent all-round companion for spring and summer: super light, half-lined or unlined unconstructed models in exquisite fabrics stand for ultimate comfort and an uncomplicated, summery easiness. Absolute design highlights here also include airy and light summer checks and linen fabrics.

The shirts reveal the joy of the warm season: in combination with a wide variety of prints and designs, colour is at the heart of fashionable goings-on. Whether logo, floral, macro-paisley, stripe or animal motif, the range of vibrant motifs as generators of motivation for the sales area is huge. The basic range is extended on a seasonal basis and offers even more choice. Summery striped shirts with stand-up collar are focal points. When it comes to fabrics, the lightness is reflected in the cotton and linen incorporated in either a pure or mixed form. Washed fabrics create casualness without losing any of the classiness.

The JOOP! polo shirt range is of top quality: hand-picked Peruvian Pima cotton is the basic fabric used in a variety of styles. Whether polo shirt or T-shirt, interlock or piquet, the ultra-soft feel and the fineness of the fabric are impressive. Contemporary new releases of shirts and polo shirts in fresh summer colours, enlivening designs and jacquards.

The casual aspect is boosted by the ‘Cornflower’ capsule collection that showcases the JOOP! logo in a new sporty and memorable way. In knitwear, light pullovers or knitted structured pullovers dominate. Polo and t-shirt styles transfer knits to summer and underpin the variety of this product group. Casual washed and sporty overdyed styles function as fashionable highlights.
In the outerwear segment, lightness and comfort are once again a theme. In addition to ultralight nylon & stretch, the focus is on smart cotton fabrics that look sporty and modern. Linen also provides fashionable highlights. In the outerwear segment, unlined coats and casual summerdown jackets play a central role. Biker jackets impress with their stretch element. Elegant indoor bomber jackets come in lightweight technical wool fabrics. Cool field jackets are the hot favourites for a complete look that meets high standards.


The exclusive JOOP! Capsule Collection combines tradition with zeitgeist. The iconographic JOOP! cornflower logo, which made brand history in the 1980s, provides the basis for this modern look.

A new, updated cornflower has been created in collaboration with Peter Schmidt, the internationally renowned product and brand designer who designed the original cornflower. The latest version plays with the original design while also taking a leap into the present. A newly created all-over chequered pattern also features as an additional design element throughout the Capsule.

All the pieces in the Capsule have a casual urban feel. The focal point is the fresh, modern JOOP! cornflower, which serves as an overarching style element and appears in all the product groups. Casual Cornflower jersey and knitted pieces are complemented by the trousers, shirt, bomber jacket, reversible leather jacket and accessories. The combination of these pieces creates an iconic modern branded look.


For the most beautiful moments and special occasions in life, the JOOP! capsule collection ‘Dare it’ offers fashionable occasionwear. Whether wedding, gala or other festive event, whether groom, best man or invited guest, JOOP! provides the appropriate and stylish clothing. Suits, tux, dinner jacket, shirts, ties, bow ties, breast pocket handkerchief and shoes in exclusive designs and luxurious materials guarantee a polished appearance. In spring/summer, elegance is coupled with casualness. The suit contrasts with the waistcoat and matching accessories. Light grey tones and romantic Napoli blue exude summery lightness. New to the range is e.g. a summer linen fabric that perfectly reflects the trendy theme ‘Mediterranean Wedding’, a wedding by the sea.

JOOP! JEANS ‘Be on board’

JOOP! JEANS reveals the completely casual side of JOOP! and stands for smart effortlessness with a high degree of sporty detail in selected materials with the best finish. The collection is for men who do not draw a sharp boundary between formal and leisure fashion, who think and combine pieces in an unconventional manner and cultivate an air of discerning understatement.

The JOOP! JEANS collection has enjoyed a superb reception amongst retailers and will continue to play confidently and in a sophisticated manner with the brand logo and statements in spring/summer 2020. In terms of colour and motif, the new collection revolves around the theme ‘Be On Board’ and offers sporty, smart casual styles for all summer occasions. These include high-quality looks for the city, the city beach, the summer party and also for sporty activities. An expanded beachwear programme complements the range.

The JOOP! JEANS summer colours are as refreshing as a summer cocktail. As important accent colours, fresh Lemon Slice Yellow, dark Cocktail Cherry Red with Martini Rosso Rosé and intensive Sundowner Salmon make an appearance, creating a summery mood. Contrasting with khaki tones and beige nuances, yellow occurs in conjunction with blue tones. Red shades come to the fore thanks to neutral grey facets. In general, subdued classic colours such as navy, black, grey and beige contrast with refreshing floral and graphic-ethnic designs and prints.

Logo shirts once again play a central role and appear in various artworks in a new way. Beach and surf motifs in combination with flower and leaf motifs complete the programme and continue the summer aspects theme. Colour is tastefully combined and turns the collection pieces into eye catchers. Many designs are woven through entire product groups and form a connecting element that creates a harmonious look.

Casualness is a must and is particularly underpinned by overdyed basic fabrics in all areas of the summer collection. With knits, summery linen themes and cotton overdyes are favoured. Knit polo shirts and t-shirts give the product group an extended fashionable component.

Finishes are everything! In the denim and chino sector in particular, the collection gets a push from changing interior finishes in various designs and colours. In this way, basics become true highlights. Proven fits form the basis and always contain a comfortable proportion of stretch and are presented in light materials and bright tonalities for the warm season.

For cooler summer days and nights ultra-light bomber jackets, lightweight quilting, functional windbreakers and sporty parkas with seasonal colour accents, e.g. in the lining, are recommended. In addition to soft nylons, cotton blends are an important driving force.

JOOP! JEANS ‘Re-Invent 1988’ capsule collection – A Story of Success

Success should be continued! With this in mind, JOOP! JEANS presents the retro capsule collection ‘Re-Invent 1988’ for the summer season 2020. With the title ‘A Story of Success’, JOOP! JEANS presents a contemporary reinterpretation and revival of the original JOOP! logo. Authentic stylistic elements from this era permeate the pieces in this modern-day collection, where denim with stretch plays the leading role. As well as the striking Art Deco-style denim logo, this 80s style is also reflected in details and embellishments such as the retro button. The historic logo is also featured on a print that serves as the leitmotif and appears on the tops, shirts, knits and scarves in the collection. Garment dye has been used on all the pieces in the capsule, creating an authentic used look that represents 30 years of this brand’s living history in clothing and one that has been continuously further developed.


The JOOP! JEANS CAPSULE Spectrum has been successfully established and is being further developed in creative terms. The colour code will be woven through this season in the form of four new lead colours with an extended product range. In spring/summer 2020, Lemon Slice Yellow, Cocktail Cherry Red, Blue Lagoon and Sundowner Salmon set the tone. Additional products in the respective colour spectrum are derived from the four denims with elaborate design details in the respective lead colour that form the basis. The distinctive feature and overarching design element is a coloured striped tape that runs through many product groups and can also be found on sweatshirts, jerseys and outerwear. A floral print design as a recurring design element also plays a key role in the capsule collection. The current collection comprises a wider range than before. The subtly composed colour concept of the capsule collection permits an uncomplicated as well as distinctive style and has a strong impact, particularly as a complete look.

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