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JOOR partners with UK’s Department for International Trade to Boost Emerging British Brands Globally

By Sponsor

29 Mar 2022


Image: JOOR

As yet another season of global fashion weeks comes to a close, the selling continues. JOOR, the world’s leading wholesale management platform, enabling brands and retailers to seamlessly connect digitally, has partnered with the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) to increase international sales of emerging British fashion brands and designers.

Extending the selling season while increasing global exposure and commercial cut-through for its featured brands, the curated virtual trade show - UK in Fashion - hosted on the JOOR Passport platform, facilitates 24/7 wholesale shopping from anywhere in the world.

Showcasing the latest AW22 collections, UK in Fashion is a directory of the finest and most in-demand British fashion brands and designers. Featuring collection line sheets and detailed brand information, UK in Fashion provides international buyers with the opportunity to schedule appointments as well as placing and managing orders.

A global window onto UK fashion, UK in Fashion illustrates how trade shows are no longer limited by geography. Emerging and expanding UK brands such as Asquith London, Celeste Starre, Underground England, Myla London and Sophia Alexia are utilising the UK in Fashion digital show to increase exposure and engage new international markets and retailers. More broadly, all brands and retailers participating in JOOR Passport events are able to make meaningful connections and conduct business from the comfort of their homes and businesses.

The Department for International Trade secures UK and global prosperity by promoting and financing international trade and investment, and championing free trade. By partnering with major global trade associations such as DIT, the JOOR Passport platform extends its partners’ opportunity to champion its homegrown brands digitally through virtual showrooms in an online trade show experience. Brands and retailers can discover, collaborate and transact from anywhere in the world, organically building the largest curated fashion marketplace in the world.

JOOR works with over 13,300 brands and more than 380,000 curated retailers in 150 countries, transacting over $1.5B in wholesale order volume every month. It is the exclusive platform for leading conglomerates including LVMH, Kering, Richemont and Capri Holdings. Launched in 2020, JOOR Passport has hosted more than 60 global events, attracting over 330K retail visitors from 159 countries. From the brand side, more than 5,500 brands have participated in a JOOR Passport event, with nearly 900K products sold.

We welcome you to explore UK in Fashion from the comfort of your screen.

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