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Kid’s Fashion: What do your children need?

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Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris, courtesy of the brand

Many brands have recently heavily promoted kid's fashion lines, resulting in a diverse selection of not only clothes but also other fashion accessories. However, did you know that kid's fashion has only grown in a short period of time, and that in the past, children had to wear resized adult clothes?

Fashion is very important in our lives. Fashion allows us to express our personalities while also communicating our interests and tastes. Your clothing choice can reveal a lot about who you are to others. That is correct for adults, but what about children? Let's learn everything there is to know about children's clothing with Yvette LIBBY; maybe you'll want to buy something for your little one right away.

Quality is the first priority

Because children's skin is extremely sensitive, the first priority when selecting clothing for them should be safety and comfort. Choose clothes made of absorbent and breathable materials to allow body moisture to evaporate easily. Softness and elasticity are also required for these fabrics. Children are bothered by rough or scratchy fabrics. Cotton, linen, bamboo, silk, and other airy fabrics with antibacterial properties should be used.

Also, avoid buying clothes that are too small or a few sizes too big for your child. Make certain that the child can move freely, run, jump, and bend while wearing the clothes.

Yvette LIBBY's kid's outerwear "QUOTIDIEN GILET 002" is an excellent choice in terms of both aesthetics and quality.

Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris, courtesy of the brand

Confidence and Style

When we wear a certain type of clothing, we always feel confident. Even children should wear fashionable clothing. Beautiful clothes that fit their preferences and allow them to move freely will give them a sense of joy and confidence.

Should children be allowed to select their own clothes?

Everyone has their own taste, which varies according to their personality and preferences. Children are no exception. They have distinct tastes and always know what they want to wear. Clothing selection is part of the process by which children develop their own tastes. Choosing patterns, textures, colors, and so on for clothing will encourage children's creativity. Allowing children to choose what they want encourages them to believe in their abilities and builds confidence. Furthermore, allowing children to select their favorite items is a huge benefit because you can be certain that they will wear those clothes and nothing will be left in the closet. This is not to say that you should grant your child's every wish. Instead of imposing your viewpoint, you could suggest some viable alternatives. For example, you may choose clothes that are appropriate for the weather and occasion, but you may allow your child to choose the color and style that they prefer.

Allow your children to make their own combinations as they grow older. You can teach children how to balance what they wear and how to dress appropriately for various situations. If you are unhappy with the style or color that your child has chosen, inquire as to why they want to match them. Make concessions to assist children in developing their own fashion sense, mastering themselves, and making sound decisions.

QUOTIDIEN GILET 005 - one of the iconic features for kid's fashion at Yvette LIBBY

Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris, courtesy of the brand

Choose durable clothing

Designer clothing for children can be as expensive as clothing for adults because the manufacturing costs are roughly the same. Designer clothes, on the other hand, have numerous advantages and are well worth your money. They are not, as previously stated, harmful to children's skin. Furthermore, some items, such as jeans, jumpsuits, and other well-kept clothing, can be passed on to other family members or donated when the child outgrows them. After many washes, good quality clothes are not damaged or discolored. The important thing to remember is that some basic fashion pieces will always be in style and popular over time.

After all, children do not require an excessive amount of clothing. Just a few essentials that can be combined into various styles and worn until children are old enough to wear them. Clothing in classic shapes will allow you to make more combinations than clothing in unusual shapes and patterns. If your child enjoys it, you can dress him or her in simple clothes with funky patterns.

With a minimalist design and optimal durability, the kids jumpsuit "WRIGHT FLYER - COCO" will allow children to easily "change" with a variety of other fashion accessories.

Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris, courtesy of the brand

Should children dress like adults

Many people agree that we should not allow children to wear clothes that are inappropriate for their age, no matter how cute they look in them.

Children are exposed to fashion through a variety of media outlets, and they may be more aware of current trends than we are. We can still dress our children fashionably but appropriately for their age. Children's clothing should be comfortable so that they can move freely, run around, and play (sometimes dirty), which is difficult when the child is dressed as a miniature version of an adult fashionista.

You should not allow girls to wear skirts that are too short or clothing that is too revealing. This is done for both aesthetic reasons and to keep children safe. Not every adult fashion item is appropriate for children. Allow them to enjoy their childhood and not "grow up" too quickly.

As a result of Yvette LIBBY's tips on selecting the right clothes for young children, don't forget to consider all aspects of appearance, comfort, quality, and context when looking for a suitable outfit for children.

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