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Kings of Indigo now 100% vegan

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Kings of Indigo is now FULLY vegan & present their ‘no new cotton’ capsule collection: Re Gen.
When Tony Tonnaer founded the Kings of Indigo company nine years ago, his objective was clear; to produce clothing in a sustainable way both socially and environmentally, without compromising on quality. He believed that neither sustainability nor quality had to be sacrificed in order to make beautiful garments. Since then, what it means to be ‘sustainable’ has evolved and become more intricate, and the future promises further changes. Kings of Indigo positions itself as a pioneer in this ever-changing sustainable fashion world. The brand believes that the future of fashion lies with curious and brave minds that seek out sustainable and innovative options with denims and apparel.

Quality wear for the next era

Quality wear for the next era – the message is simple, but the execution takes more work. From the design process and the fabrics chosen, to how and where the garments are produced, Kings of Indigo is a brand that will not compromise on quality or sustainability.

SS20 Highlights

What sets this brand from others is its attention to detail and this season’s developments confirm the brand’s position as a front runner of sustainability in the fashion industry.
Kings of Indigo is now a 100% vegan brand
Fully recycled and sustainable trims – metals, pocketing, paper.
Re-Gen: a capsule denim collection made from NO new cotton.
100% of the collection is made under certified fair working conditions.

Innovation, Recycling, Sustainability: Re-Gen for the next gen

No New Cotton

If there was ever a collection that exemplified what we stand for, it is this one. Combining strengths with partners close to home, Candiani and Lenzing, we present a limited capsule denim collection made entirely from recycled and natural materials – 50% recycled fibers and 50% Refibra Lyocell – which means NO new cotton. What is more, the process also significantly reduces water waste, solvent use and land space, since no new cotton needs to be grown.

Kitotex Technology

The dyeing process for the Re-Gen is unique in itself.
Chitosan, a non-toxic and biodegradable source coming from mushrooms creates Denim Juice – a natural and clean dye. This is a non-toxic and biodegradable source, which ultimately reduces the consumption of water, energy and solvents. The Re-Gen capsule collection, which includes a trucker and jean combination for men and for women, and a children’s two piece, is an innovation of great importance in paving the road to a sustainable denim/fashion industry.


  • 0% virgin cotton
  • 2,565 liters of water saved per jean
  • 65% less chemicals
  • 50% made from waste

Fully recycled, sustainable trims

Kings of Indigo is now a 100% vegan brand

Already from AW19, the seasonal collection had replaced all leather patches with either a recycled PET patch or a jacron option. However, a further step with this SS20 collection is that the timeless Royal Core pieces have also lost the leather and been replaced with vegan alternatives. The brand has also removed all leather accessories from web shops and are working on producing the goods in an animal friendly way. By 2021, the brand hope to receive PETA certification for this new achievement.

It’s in the details

What sets the brand apart from others in the game is its attention to detail. In this SS20 collection, great updates have taken place to produce the most sustainable trims yet. The denims are now all vegan, the leather patches being replaced with recycled PET or jacron patches. The metal used for buttons and rivets is 100% recycled, coming from old hospital equipment. Paper trims such as the hangtags, overriders and pocket flashers are all recycled from old shoeboxes. The pocketing of the denims is made from a blend of recycled PET and organic cotton, durable and resilient. Furthermore, items will be delivered in fully biodegradable polybags.


  • In 2019, the brand reduced packaging for B2C by 25%. By the end of 2020, they hope to have done the same for B2B deliveries as well.
  • By 2020, the brand will be able to guarantee an income equality for all workers in their production facilities, including a fair living wage.
  • By 2020, a public sustainable denim library will be available for everyone to visit and use.
  • By 2025, the brand will only use recycled natural or man-made fibers in collections.
  • By 2025, the brand will only use sustainable washing techniques for their denims.

Kings of Indigo
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