Komrads is launching a new and sustainable collection

A sneaker which makes sure every step counts? Komrads has the answer!
As a contemporary sneaker brand, we have made it our dream to produce the most ecological sneaker available on this planet.

We were therefore proud to extend our APL collection, made from ecological apple leather, with a few instant high-top classics this autumn: mono-white and mono-black, supplemented with our pioneer colours earth red, apple green and iron black.

We are contributing to the future of slow fashion with our zero-impact collection. The fashion industry is very linear: a huge amount of clothing and shoes are thrown away after being worn just a few times, along with unsold fast-moving seasonal collections. This mountain of discarded goods has now truly become immense and Komrads wants to do something about it.

We are doing this by exclusively opting to work with recycled and organic materials, from apple leather to recycled PET bottles and car tyres.

The upper part of the sneaker is made from eco apple leather. The apple industry produces a great deal of waste. This waste (peel and core) is developed into a new raw material, which is called apple leather. A completely vegan alternative to animal leather. The outer sole is made from recycled pure rubber. The material along the inside and the laces are made from recycled cotton and PET bottles. We have even sourced an organic variant for the adhesive and dye. In addition, we don’t work with seasonal colours, so our collections remain available all year round.

Komrads is launching a new and sustainable collection

We have introduced a fresh vintage look and feel to our range with the launch of our new APL collection and want to use both our story and design to reach an even greater audience. This will ensure sustainability is no longer a choice, but a new, fashionable, top quality and comfortable way of life.

The new collection is available for both immediate delivery as well as pre-order.

You can slip on our sneakers with a clear conscience!
“Because this planet needs you to give a shit!” 

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