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Last places available for the Digital Fashion Group Scholarship Program

By Sponsor

26 Oct 2021


The Digital Fashion Group Academy is offering a number of scholarships for the third cohort of 'Digital Fashion 101', which starts on Monday, November 01. Focused on Digital Equity, the scholarship program reinforces the intent of The Digital Fashion Group to gather diverse talents from different backgrounds to collaborate in a creative and inclusive development of digital fashion.

The Digital Equity scholarship programme by The Digital Fashion Group Academy covers the course fees for selected applicants. A panel of diverse key players from the digital stage will judge and select the most promising, talented, and deserving applicants to join the pioneers of our digital revolution. The application process is open until October 28, and can be done at the Academy's website , through an interactive form.

For this third cohort, one of the places is being offered by Brand New Vision. BNV is a marketplace for digital fashion based in Hong Kong and led by the industry pioneer Richard Hobbs. BNV is the fashion first virtual destination for designers, creators and global fashion brands, creating an ecosystem of interactions for products that will be wearable and tradeable in multiple virtual environments.

"We believe that education is a right not a privilege. Our scholarship programme Digital Equity aims to support students from diverse and non-privileged backgrounds to attain the level of knowledge and mindset necessary to contribute to the digital transformation of our industry," says Leslie Holden, co-founder of The Digital Fashion Group

'Digital Fashion 101' is a 6-week online course certified by Parsons N Ventures and focuses on demystifying the digital transformation of the fashion industry. It addresses topics such as 3D design, virtual prototyping, on-demand manufacturing, AI-driven trend research, and digital marketing in lectures and interviews by key players in the digital fashion industry.

'Digital Fashion 101' was developed by The Digital Fashion Group Academy with the following collaborative partners: The Fabricant, Substance by Adobe, BNV, CALA, CLO, DDIGITT, Eva Engines, Digital Village, Heuritech, Holition, INDG, Lablaco, Platforme, Swatchbook, The Diigitals, Unspun, [a] Industri, The Interline, and Smashcut.

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