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Launchmetrics, the leading marketing platform in fashion, luxury and cosmetics

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Celebrity endorsements and brand partnerships have been the traditional formats to promote and launch new products for decades; however, technology and social media has revolutionized the way fashion, luxury and cosmetic brands approach marketing. Growing up in a globalized and digital world, today’s consumers are digital savvy and brands are pressured to embrace technology to help them navigate this new landscape and capture the consumer’s attention. With that, companies are finding the need to adapt their internal structures, marketing strategies and budgets to emerging sectors, such as influencer marketing, when launching a new product.

Previous to Launchmetrics, brands and agencies would use spreadsheets to track samples between the clients and magazines. Through this observation, Fashion GPS was launched in 2006 as an industry-adapted platform developed organically. In 2016, after 10 years of successful market penetration, Fashion GPS was merged with Augure, an influencer marketing software company, to create Launchmetrics — led by co-founder and CEO, Michael Jais. With over a thousand global brands in their client portfolio and almost 200 employees worldwide, Launchmetrics is currently the industry’s leading marketing platform and data analytics service for fashion, luxury and cosmetic brands.

Serving top brands in the industry such as Dior and NET-A-PORTER, Launchmetrics manages the entire launch cycle for their clients - from influencer discovery and intelligence, to media monitoring and sample, content and event management. The company strives to connect the industry through technology and thanks to a team of over 40 data scientists monitoring over 20,000 brands daily as well as 50k media outlets and 100k influencers, Launchmetrics is assisting brands in making data-driven decisions and providing more precise ROI analytics.

According to renowned fashion designer, Alexander Wang, “The interesting findings by Launchmetrics’ Data team will help inform the brand’s strategy for future shows.” Creating impact and a meaningful Fashion Week campaign is nothing new to Launchmetrics. Their very own, Alison Bringé, Chief Marketing Officer, is even accredited with spearheading the digitalization of NYFW in September 2010, a previously analog event. Through bridging technology with fashion and successfully offering digital event solutions, now over 80% of major fashion shows worldwide use technology to manage high profile events today.

Most recently, in October of 2018, The Forrester New Wave Report recognized Launchmetrics’ Influencers Relations Management platform as the leader for influencer marketing solutions in the industry stating, “In [the FLC] vertical, marketers won’t find a better or more complete solution.” Influencer discovery is a key component of Launchmetrics’ platform and clients have access to a tailored portal that allows them to go beyond the numbers of followers to find brand ambassadors who can tap into new audiences and regions to ensure the strongest impact when launching a product. Furthermore, brands can then monitor the results of their influencer marketing campaigns with tools and features specifically dedicated to the fashion, luxury and cosmetics industry.

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