Lee Jeans to display sustainable platform at Selfridges

Lee Jeans has partnered with Selfridges to showcase their ‘For a World That Works’ (FWTW) men’s collection at the retailer’s pop up store.

This range consists of a collection that is manufactured and designed using a variety of systems, such as a low waste Crystal Clear foam dyeing process that cuts salt-use, saves water and uses eco-friendly chemicals.

The use of recycled and organic cotton, the Indigood denim initiative and the Back to Nature garments which are crafted from biodegradable yarns and trims.

The brand's pop up shop will be constructed using recycled and salvaged materials that can be reused, and it will be dressed in a deep-blue denim shade, to reference denim.

Lee Jeans’ FWTW platform aligns with Selfridges Project Earth initiative, launched 17 August, which states the company’s commitment to sustainability and to change the way we shop by 2025.

Roian Atwood, Lee Jeans’ senior director of global sustainable business, said in a statement: "We all know the urgency of global issues and that changes need to be made in how we produce and consume apparel.

“At Lee, we feel a responsibility to help create a more dynamic and sustainable future, so it’s an honour to partner with the prestigious department store Selfridges to spearhead that change.”

By 2025, Lee Jeans is committed to powering its facilities with 100 percent renewable energy, sourcing 100 percent of its own grown or recycled cotton, using more synthetics and increasing its sustainable product base every year.

The brand is available at Selfridges’ pop up store now.

Photo Credit: Lee Jeans

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