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Selfridges launches Project Earth

By Andrea Byrne


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Selfridges has announced a new sustainability initiative, Project Earth.

Project Earth wants to reinvent retail by working together with brand partners to address the materials used in products to shop sustainably, according to Selfridges.

By 2025, the most environmentally impactful materials used throughout the business will come from certified, sustainable sources. In line with this, Selfridges aims that by 2030, they are going to reduce the carbon impact of their purchased goods by 30 percent from a 2018/2019 baseline.

The fashion retailer is launching a multitude of new ways to shop such as resale, rental, refill and repair. Selfridges recently launched its first designer rental collection with Hurr Collective.

Selfridges is also in partnership with The Woodland Trust, WWF and Zoological Society of London.

Anne Pitcher, Selfridges Group Managing Director said in a statement: “We firmly believe evolving the way we do business and supporting change in the way people shop is essential to building a more sustainable business.

“Selfridges has the platform to change how shopping is done wrapped up in the destinations, experiences and inspiration customers want from us,” she added.

Photo credit: FashionUnited