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Les Deux Fall 2023 collection

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7 Feb 2023


Picture: Les Deux, FW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

Les Deux is pleased to present their collection for Autumn ’23 - Souvenirs of America. You might not even realize it, but every time you visit a new place, speak with new people, or connect with new groups, an exchange occurs. It’s barely noticeable, but we all incorporate a small piece of these interactions into who we are: souvenirs from places near and far. We’re marked by our experiences, and we leave a small mark in return. It’s this exchange, and the idea that we’re all built by a collection of authentic stories that served as the foundation for Souvenirs of America.

Picture: Les Deux, FW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

New York’s Chinatown served as their setting because of its status as an enclave for a single community that has evolved to become a place for everyone. It’s a physical manifestation of the meeting between two cultures, which mirrored their own origin story and some of the themes that drove the collection. Likewise, the Japanese idea of Ametora, which means “American Traditional”, has heavily influenced the clothing they developed. Rather than a specific style or look, it focuses on faithfully emulating a range of authentic American styles, from the greasers of the ’60s to traditional cowboy attire and Ivy League apparel. As preppy cuts have formed the crux of their brand for many years, they were particularly drawn to this. One of the biggest distinctions of this concept is the focus on quality and attention to detail, with premium styles becoming an homage to the originals - souvenirs indicating a fascination from abroad.

Picture: Les Deux, FW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

As a result, there are some cornerstone styles in this collection that have been meticulously constructed with the very best materials, like an overcoat made with Tweed of Harris and luxurious long-sleeved shirts made from heavy corduroy or cotton bouclé. It’s the quintessential Ivy League wardrobe: the check coat of a professor, worn for years, or the brand-new cable knit style of a freshman. Craftmanship and quality sat front and center this season, and premium materials like Scottish and Italian wool and time-tested manufacturing techniques allowed them to be even more creative with their fabric surfaces and textures.

Picture: Les Deux, FW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

Other key styles for the season include a colorful collection of denim incorporating a classic Japanese wide silhouette, traditional Ivy League hunting garments, and an expansion to their range of footwear and sneakers. They have also deepened their selection of expressive knitwear, with sporty rugby knits and buffalo check sweaters with distinctive cursive brand lettering. Along with their core palette of black, ivory, and navy, they have included a wide range of earthy tones like dusty ochre and mustard yellows in addition to a sun-bleached moss green and a deep, pine green. The collection also features coarse cotton check patterns and jacquard knitwear lending a sporty yet smart look. Souvenirs of America is their way of challenging their understanding and knowledge of craftsmanship, heritage, and the history of clothing, while increasing their awareness of how other people interpret the way they view things.

Picture: Les Deux, FW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand
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