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Longchamp launches circular handbags with end-of-roll canvas

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

25 Jul 2022


Image: Longchamp

French accessories maker Longchamp is repurposing end-of-roll and leftover stock to create new handbags.

The luxury bag purveyor is reusing the canvas fabric from its archives to create Le Pliage Re-Play, a new style available in three formats.

The colourful shapes come in a vertical tote, a small shoulder bag, and a belt bag – each combining two different colours of end-of-the-roll nylon canvas with a third colour of Russian leather trim.

The collection comes in limited numbers as once the stocks of canvas and leather are finished, these bags cannot reproduced.

The accompanying campaign features two models pulling the last lengths of canvas from their white cardboard rolls, which then transform into stick figures and start dancing.

Longchamp says by working to the end of the roll, the designs are harmonious with its ongoing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.