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'Love Letters from Britain': Walpole launches film series with BBC

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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A new series of short films will delve into the hearts and heritage of British luxury brands and made available on the BBC.com platform. A partnership between BBC StoryWorks and luxury trade body Walpole will promote British brands via a digital-first and unique series on British luxury.

Called ‘Love Letters From Britain’, BBC StoryWorks will explore “what makes British luxury the best in the world,” delving into the companies, brands and creators to explore the heritage, craftsmanship, creativity, entrepreneurship, resilience and innovation which defines British luxury.

The series of films will live on a dedicated page on the BBC.com platform, and will be distributed to a targeted audience across the globe. A BBC StoryWorks-backed marketing and social media campaign, which Walpole and partners will support, will drive audiences to the BBC.com page. In addition, the series will also include editorial features and content to enable viewers to learn more about the brands and their stories, as well as including back links to the brand’s websites.

BBC StoryWorks is the commercial content studio of BBC Global News who work with brands and partners to create programmes drawing on the century-long expertise of the BBC production teams.

The series is expected to launch at the annual Walpole Summit in Q2 2021.

Image courtesy Walpole