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MAC Spring/Summer 2020 Women’s Collection

By Sponsor

15 Jul 2019


The MAC Spring/Summer 2020 Women’s Collection combines the two megatrends: digitalisation and the growing awareness of nature. These trends meet under the heading of AWAKEN THE SUMMER. The result is styles with interlocking colour concepts and material mixes: natural colours meet technical fabrics as well as sustainably manufactured products. The two trend themes of FUTURE SONIC and NATURE SUNTASTIC determine the collection, which is subdivided into the segments JEANS, SPORTIVE, COLLECTION and the premium line DAYDREAM.

MAC is presenting several product novelties for Spring/Summer 2020: bi-stretch denim, a new, innovative fabric with bi-elasticity. It is launched on the newly designed cut SLIM push up. With the functional panel seams on the bottom, the SLIM push up generates a shaping effect to present the female silhouette to optimum effect. With this new product, MAC once more fulfils its vision of comfortable and perfectly fitting jeans. The second innovation is LIGHT COLOURED DENIM, a premium denim with brilliant dyeing properties. It is introduced on the established fit SLIM in combination with fashionable washes.

The innovative DREAM cotton is perfect for the summer and accompanies the successful DREAM denim through that season. Fittingly and in line with the overall concept, MAC offers the new DREAM cotton on the shortened fit DREAM SUMMER. An innovative high-stretch product programme complements the premium line DAYDREAM. On the one hand, there is the new LUXE DENIM, which offers fashionable, authentic washes and perfect wearing comfort. The design team has created the new shortened 5-pocket DAY LUXE for it with fashionable zips at the hem. On the other hand, the programme also includes LUXE COTTON, a sportive-elegant premium satin with high elasticity and excellent stretch. It is also striking due to its perfect dyeing properties, which allow for a brilliant, summery colour concept.

RICH CONCEPT, which was already successfully introduced in the denim segment in Autumn/Winter 2019, will be expanded in the coming season. The cool seam details, sportive washes and opulent trims can also be found among the flats, on cargo and worker varieties and the RICH Bermuda.

The MAC Spring/Summer 2019 collection is subdivided into the segments DENIM, SPORTIVE and COLLECTION and follows the general theme of JUST IN TIME – in other words, ready to wear. In one way, this segmentation helps to clearly identify the different styles within the collection, but it is also useful in their presentation and the customer approach at the POS.

This summer the denim segment will follow the slogan SUNTASTIC DENIM: MAC is offering modern denim washes such as bleached, authentic used and destroyed as well as new colours in the form of the new LIGHT COLOURED DENIM. The cuts are shortened slim and straight silhouettes. The focus continues to be on the hem: simple, fashionably cut-off hems are complemented by delicate zip finishes and feminine hem trims. The denim collection also contains asymmetrically designed hem solutions and cut-outs. The denims receive modern facelifts by way of sportive and functional panel seams; galloons and pipings recede into the background. The denim package is supplemented by floral laser designs and prints as well as stripe patterns.

In the sportive segment the focus is on the FUTURE CONCEPT, with sportive techno and polyamide materials. Here MAC offers new, trendy prints and colours on the successful fits EASY active and FUTURE Pants. Additionally, new sportive-elegant cuts on light polyamide materials determine the sportive flats. Aside from technical-sportive styles, the collection also contains sportive cotton materials of impressive lightness and comfort. They include sportive CHINOs on lightweight gabardine as well as summery 5-pockets in satinised super-stretch cotton. The expanded RICH concept is part of the SPORTIVE segment. Another new focus is the sustainable use of blended fabrics made from modal and lyocell materials. Styles in vegan leather are especially trendy at the start of the season in November, December and January.

The slogan for the COLLECTION segment is NEW CLASSIC: classic trouser cuts are combined with new, innovative materials. In addition to feminine-neat polyamide and cotton-polyamide materials, super light cool wool and jersey on ready-made styles such as BELT Pants, shortened CHINOs with a kick, WIDE LEGs and CULOTTEs as well as feminine pleated waistband styles are important this season. A central topic in midsummer is feather-light techno materials as well as linen and linen blends.

JUST IN TIME has been a motto with MAC for a number of seasons. It also applies in the Spring/Summer 2020 season: the new colour concepts, prints, patterns and blends of materials with the proper weights and in the right cuts will be shipped with a delivery date of November 2019. In this way, the new summer themes are introduced so they are immediately ready to wear by the end consumer. A special focus is on the festive occasions at the start of the shipments in November and December.

Both in the denim and the flats segment, the slogan for the silhouettes is NEW WIDTH: MAC presents WIDELEGs, FLAREDs, CULOTTEs, STRAIGHTs and KICKs as fashionable-commercial themes. BELT Pants and CHINO styles with pleated waistbands complement the change of silhouettes. CARGOs also play a major role, both in a sportive look in washed gabardine and on modern polyamide materials.

The keywords for colours are TONALITIES and SUMMERY FRESHNESS: of special importance in the commercial-fashionable segment is the play with tonalities. Natural shades such as natural beige, off-white, stone, khaki, camel, red-brown and nude mark the collection. Summery-fresh colours like lavender, mint and a soft yellow complete the colour spectrum.

Summery statement colours with intensity and luminosity accompany the colour world: intensive blue, red and yellow plus – the peak colour of the season – orange. The trousers are upgraded by adding tone-in-tone decorative elements without overdoing them. The tone-in-tone elements are combined with deliberately placed colour highlights in the form of contrast seams, rivets or discreet wordings in neon highlights. Floral prints, reinterpreted animal prints and summery stripe designs complete the colour world.