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Macian partners with Wolf & Badger: Elevating Luxury with timeless English Craftsmanship

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Credits: Macian

In a strategic move aimed at expanding its global reach and extending the reach of their finely crafted English luxury shoes, Macian has entered into a partnership with the renowned online luxury retail platform, Wolf & Badger. This partnership reflects Macian's commitment to make its precisely crafted shoes more accessible to a broader audience, all while staying true to the brand's core values.

Silvia Olcese, Macian's founder, has articulated her enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasising that both brands prioritise craftsmanship and quality. The collaboration serves as a significant milestone for Macian, bolstering its efforts to reach an international customer base.

Credits: Macian

About Wolf & Badger

Wolf & Badger specialises in offering a curated selection of high-quality products from independent luxury brands. Its platform serves as a conducive environment for Macian's collection, enabling customers to effortlessly discover and purchase the brand's shoes.


This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to offering you the best in design and quality. Wolf & Badger's reputation for curating unique, high-quality products from independent brands perfectly aligns with our vision.

Silvia Olcese, Macian's founder

About Macian

Macian [/ˈmɑ.ki.ɑn/], is not just a brand name but a representation of self-expression and liberation. As the fashion landscape changes, blending modernity with tradition, Macian emerges as a frontrunner in modernising classic English footwear without diluting its timeless essence. Rooted in Italian flair, English craftsmanship, and thoughtful design, Macian's creations are built to withstand the test of time, becoming cherished pieces that can be passed down through generations.

Macian's designs are tailored for the contemporary woman navigating the digital age, a woman who values freedom, purpose, and authentic craftsmanship. With Macian's presence on the Wolf & Badger platform, customers across the globe can embark on a journey to discover Macian's deliberate artistry and meaningful elegance.

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