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MBA Global Luxury Brand Management, every luxury for every part of the world

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“Luxury hasn’t changed but the client has,” said Thibaut de La Rivière, Sup de Luxe’s director. For Thibaut, keeping up with modern trends has been crucial to maintain the school as a reference in France.

Part of EDC Business School Paris, school founded by the French businessman Alain-Dominique Perrin, the intention of creating Sup de Luxe by the famous Jewellery Maison Cartier, was to train professionals for luxury business, to directly feed the changing luxury industry which, for many years, has centered around Paris.

Today, the MBA Global Luxury Brand Management is taught fully in English and aims to train luxury managers to work all over the world. With classes of about thirty people, students also get to travel to Milan, Deauville and Geneva, to meet professionals of luxury in these cities.

It is the school’s embedding in the luxury industry, and its access to its large network of professionnels of Maisons and brands for 30 yeards which makes Sup de Luxe as the reference.

Strong of its success, Sup de Luxe opens two intakes, in November and in April.

The many faces of modern luxury

Sup de Luxe’s focus encapsulates all the five main areas of luxury: clothing, jewellery and watches, cosmetics, wine and spirits, and hospitality. The program includes speakers from each of these industries, helping those who want to explore these different routes and opportunities in their careers.

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