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"Meadham Kirchhoff is dead"

By Vivian Hendriksz


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London - Once seen as one of the high points of London Fashion Week, British label Meadham Kirchhoff has officially closed its doors for good. The label's dissolvement was confirmed earlier this week by Edward Meadham, half of the designer duo behind the brand together with Benjamin Kirchhoff.

"Meadham Kirchhoff wasn't killed by the fashion industry, I think that it was killed largely by itself," he said in an interview with i-d this week. "We were in a quagmire of debt and it was just becoming impossible to keep up with anything," he added. However, it was not until the duo lost the studio and all of their work spanning the past twelve years that Meadham saw it was over.

"One of the worst things about the death of Meadham Kirchhoff, for me, was the loss of the archive. Our studio landlord just locked the doors and got rid of it," he revealed. "And then we tried to continue a bit and then the studio closed and I went to hospital and that was that. Me and Ben, we're never going to work together." Although Meadham explained that he is at a loss for the future, the brand's closure presented him with an opportunity to recognised his work and achievements.

The final Meadham Kirchhoff show was for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection during London Fashion Week.

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