Most desirable British and European fashion companies to work for in 2019

A career in fashion and e-commerce is just as exciting as ever. Because of this, the ever-changing fashion industry continues to attract top talent from many industries. Wondering which fashion companies you should send your job application to? Every year, professional networking and job recruiting sites such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor list the most sought-after companies to work for based on employee reviews and through analyzing user data. Nowadays, job candidates seek to apply to organizations that offer more than just an attractive salary. Instead, they also value factors such as work-life balance, recognition from senior management and good communication among colleagues. From these annual rankings, FashionUnited has selected a few of the most favourable British and European fashion companies to work for in 2019.

The article was created with opinions and rankings collected from Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Forbes to promote working in fashion.


Founded in London in 2000, Asos has grown to become an e-commerce giant aimed predominantly at Millenials and Gen Z. Asos currently employs 3,000 workers and LinkedIn rated the online fashion retailer as the most desirable place to work at in the UK because of the tight-knit sense of community among staff. As Asos states on LinkedIn, “As a company, we’re not trying to mimic or profit from youth culture-we are part of that culture.” With the average age of a head office employee said to be 26, Asos prides itself in hiring a young team that is able to connect with its target costumers around the world.


Since its establishment in 1963, Kering’s portfolio of luxury brands consists of influential labels Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent. The company continues to uphold values such as creativity, sustainability and the empowerment of women. Post the #metoo era, gender equality in the workplace has become a hot topic in all industries. In a statement sent to LinkedIn, Kering states, “Advancing gender equality is a priority for Kering.” In 2018, the EWoB (European Women on Boards) and Ethics and Boards awarded Kering with the prize of The Most Feminine Board of Directors Award.


According to an annual survey conducted by Glassdoor, Hermès is the best company to work for in France. Established in 1837, you may have to speak French to work at the Paris headquarters, but Hermès also employs staff in New York to liaise frequently with the team in France. Employees ranked Hermès with a score of 4.4 out of 5 and commented on the brand’s strong team morale, ability to be promoted internally and last but not least, the quality canteen.


With its newly opened Zalando Campus in Berlin, based in “the capital of cool” is reason enough to attract the best young talent from all over the world. Besides that, Zalando oversees 17 European markets and plans to double its size by 2020. According to the company’s website, every role at Zalando makes an impact and its company culture strongly places an emphasis on openness, diversity and autonomy among its staff. A workplace with a corporate structure while maintaining its startup culture, Zalando is the ideal environment for innovators of fashion and tech who want to be at the forefront of this conversation.

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