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Nike x Feng Chen Wang collection launch

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Feng Chen Wang x Nike collaboration Credits: Nike

Designer and Nike collaborator Feng Chen Wang have introduced a new collaboration, combining engineered artistry and personalisation, resulting in technical apparel infused with traditional sportswear elements.

The collection's centerpiece is the Transform Jacket, inspired by Feng's motto, "to own less is to own more." This versatile jacket features removable components, offering numerous styling options and promoting sustainability.

The collab represents a departure from traditional garment construction, reimagining sportswear staples by melding diverse cultural and design elements. The collection underscores both brands' commitment to innovation and their shared goal of serving the future of athletes and sport through experimentation. Feng's overconstructed designs and craftsmanship shine through, creating functional apparel that transcends gender and age while catering to diverse needs.

The Transform Jacket, the collection's focal point, embodies Feng's mantra by offering over 30 styling variations through removable components, making it adaptable to various aspects of daily life. This design also encourages an environmentally conscious, sustainable lifestyle, promoting versatility in fashion choices. Additionally, the collection includes structurally engineered knits, such as crop tops, bras, and tights, emphasising the importance of wellness in Feng's everyday life.

"As a designer, my creative inspiration often draws from my personal experiences, cultural upbringing, and the influences of people around me,” says Feng, who is the founder, creative director, and fashion designer of the Feng Chen Wang brand. “Like Nike, I aim to create more inclusive and sustainable products. This jacket is a perfect example of how products can be designed with inclusiveness and versatility in mind, making them suitable for everyone. Regardless of gender, age, body type, or what sports one likes to play, everyone can take pieces of a garment apart and combine them until a perfect match is found."

The Nike x Feng Chen Wang collection will be available worldwide on September 28, accessible through fengchenwang.com, SNKRS, and select Nike retailers.

Feng Chen Wang x Nike collection Credits: Nike
Feng Chen Wang