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Niketown London's PLAYlab gets children involved in experiential sports

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Niketown London

Nike’s latest London installation allows children to be involved in experiential sports, including suggestions for imaginary games.

Called Nike’s PLAYlab, the pop-up in its Oxford Circus Niketown features visuals of sports, flags, posters, uniforms and a submission stations for ideas.

In a statement Nike said: “with eyes full of enthusiasm, kids see the world as an endless playground of possibilities ready to be explored. To empower them in sharing their vision, we set up the Nike PLAYlab—a safe space where we give kids the resources to make their ideas come true. The Nike PLAYlab is our long-term commitment to kids, as they help inspire new sports, athletes, experiences and so much more.”

“By challenging kids to show us how they Play New, we hope to encourage a new generation of innovators to think outside the box, play their way and share their ideas with others. A few lucky kids will have their submissions featured in Nike PLAYlab’s YouTube series and some game submissions will also be made for real. All submissions will be added to Nike PLAYlab’s Gallery to serve as inspiration for kids across the globe.”

The lines between sportswear and fashion have been blurring for some time, with sporting goods companies looking to increase their share of the lucrative lifestyle sector. Athleisure remains as much a style consideration as it does dressing for actual sport and by inspiring younger generations Nike may be instilling brand loyalty from a young demographic.