Overview: Five reads on work in fashion

During the month of August FashionUnited focused on Work in Fashion. Discover our editor’s selection of must-read articles.

1. Ten Tips for Designers to Excel in the Fashion Industry

Maybe you’re a few years into your career in the fashion industry and the relief at being one of the few from your graduating year who got a job is beginning to fade. Maybe you’ve been entrenched in a job for too long but when you peek outside your cubicle, you no longer see the forest for the trees. Either way, you’re ready to rise, get promoted, earn more. But how do you make that happen?

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2. This is what work in fashion looks like

Five people who have a career in fashion, tell us what it’s like.


Overview: Five reads on work in fashion

Photo: Courtesy of Oresa and Orlando Martins

3. 10 Weirdest jobs in fashion

If you are toying with the idea of working in fashion but you do not want to go all mainstream, consider our list of unusual jobs that the fashion world has to offer. For example, how would you like to be paid for feeling someone's skin, making sure shoes and bags always reach the customer wrinkle free, interpret someone's lip profile or organise hundreds of closets?

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Overview: Five reads on work in fashion

Illustration: Studio Iva (Instagram: studio_iva)

4. Maren Barthel, Otto Group: “CSR has changed immensely in the last 10-15 years”

The fashion industry is a versatile sector that, apart from glamour jobs like designer, model and creative head, requires a mulitude of unusual jobs outside the limelight. This article takes a look at production and supply chain management, which have been giving more and more importance to areas like sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). FashionUnited spoke with Maren Barthel, corporate responsibility manager with the Otto Group, a business group and service provider that is active worldwide

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Overview: Five reads on work in fashion

Photo: Otto Group

5. 5 Suggested Ways for Overseas Designers to “Crack America”

As we wait to see what Raf Simons, one of Europe’s brightest talents, will bring to his role as Creative Director of iconic American label Calvin Klein, and shrug with resignation at the news that LVMH, unable to deliver results, has sold that other American institution, Donna Karan, it begs the question: What does it take for creative talent from overseas to succeed in the U.S.?

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And a bonus entry:

How to Launch Your Own Fashion Label

When it comes to starting your own fashion label there is plenty of advice and information to find online. A simply search in google will reveal the steps needed to launch your own brand, and a four-part guide in Wikihow even illustrates the process.But if only it were so easy.

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