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Pantone releases London Fashion Week AW21 colours

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

19 Feb 2021


Global colour authority Pantone is describing the colours for London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2021 as “blending heritage and quirkiness” to offer a fresh perspective.

The top ten colours from the trend forecasting and colour consultancy include shades of blue, yellow, orange, green, red, pink and brown. Colours ranging from an uplifting orange to a delicate pink and even a grassy green, which Pantone states highlight “ingenuity and resourcefulness” and encourages “paradoxical artful statements”.

Pantone added that the colours for autumn/winter 2021 mix “playful with practical,” and reflect the reinvigorated desire to create, whether injecting a contemporary view into heritage or imposing an urban style on nature and the great outdoors.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said in a statement: “A colour range of heartening hues reflective of the natural environment in our local surroundings inspires our creative energies and awaken the desire for a replenished perspective on the application of colour, one where whimsy and charm combine with pragmatism and our ideas of heritage re-envisioned and our connection to nature are reinforced.”

Pantone autumn/winter 2021 London Fashion Week colour palette

Pantone 17-6154 ‘Green Bee’ - a grassy green that perpetuates nature.

Pantone 16-1348 ‘Tomato Cream’ - a buttery brown that warms the heart.

Pantone 17-4245 ‘Ibiza Blue’ - a stirring island blue hue that rouses our interest.

Pantone 13-0647 ‘Illuminating’ - a friendly and joyful, an optimistic yellow offering the promise of a sunny day.

Pantone 19-1537 ‘Winery’ - a robust Winery implies poise and finesse.

Pantone 13-2003 ‘First Blush’ - a delicate and tender pink.

Pantone 19-1223 ‘Downtown Brown’ - a metropolitan brown with a bit of swagger.

Pantone 15-0956 ‘Daylily - an uplifting orange-infused yellow with perennial appeal.

Pantone 14-4123 ‘Clear Sky’ - redolent of the cool blue of a cloudless day.

Pantone 18-1559 ‘Red Alert’ - an impactful red with a suggestive presence.

Pantone autumn/winter 2021 core classic colours for LFW

The ten trend colours sit alongside the four core classics that Pantone explained are versatile hues that “transcends the seasons”.

Pantone 13-0003 ‘Perfectly Pale - reminiscent of a sandy beach.

Pantone 17-5104 ‘Ultimate Gray’ - a quietly assuring and reliable grey that encourages composure.

Pantone 18-0527 ‘Olive Branch’ - a tasteful green symbolic of growth.

Pantone 19-4109 ‘After Midnight’ - an invulnerable black infused blue.

Earlier this week, Pantone unveiled the colours for New York Fashion Week, and it included only one of the same top 10 trend colours, the joyful ‘Illuminating’ yellow, which is one of the two Colours of the Year for 2021.

The rest of the autumn/winter 2021 colour palette for NYFW was dominated by a similar colour palette, however, London’s colours are lighter and brighter. Pantone explained that New York’s colours encourage “personal expression whether sensible or quirky” as well as hues that “embrace the calm and healing” and can “express a rainbow of hope and joyfulness”.

Images: courtesy of Pantone