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Pinko launches digital twins collection

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Pinko love collection Credits: Pinko website

Italian fashion brand Pinko is set to launch 'The New Love Bag Collection,' featuring an authentication system through digital twins. In collaboration with Temera, a company that provides IoT solutions to the fashion industry, a collection of over 630 thousand pieces will use an NFC cryptographic tag for authentication, allowing customers to verify product authenticity seamlessly.

Each item in the collection will be accompanied by a Non-fungible Token (NFT) functioning as a digital twin, utilising blockchain technology for enhanced security. This approach ensures traceability and security and also aims to combat the parallel market and counterfeiters.

The initiative represents a move towards a digital product passport, offering customers heightened transparency and authenticity. The collaboration involves Temera and Swiss company Luxochain, facilitating the automatic creation of digital twins from brand management system data.

Marco Ruffa, Pinko's Marketing & Digital Transformation Director, comments on this pioneering move, stating, "Pinko has always adopted a pioneering approach to exploit new technologies. Thanks to the digital twin, we are progressively moving towards the digital product passport, offering our customers a new dimension of transparency and authenticity."