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Pokerology – Living the game, Deal with what is dealt – More than a new retro-cool collection FW 21/22 from Parisian brand Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris

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Image: Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris

The "Pokerology" line is representative of Yvette LIBBY's DNA-infused items. On July 10, 2021, the collection made its premiere at Paris Fashion Week, featuring ten opening designs. Still, the mainstream outerwear line, such as jackets, blazers, coats, trenches, and so on, has been reconceptualized practical for everyday life. Pokerology, on the other hand, focuses on emphasizing the inner beauty of philosophy and classic spirit with the visual pleasure of fashion.

The collection is inspired by Larry W. Phillips' book "Zen and the Art of Poker" and the game of Poker cards. The collection is a reimagining of 1950s Las Vegas with nostalgic funky jazz, featuring attractive ladies with feminine appearance but a "avant-garde" demeanor. The Pokerology proclaims the inspiration with a collection of 30 designs, each with a Poker strategy saying, giving out powerful words to express our perspective on "Living the game, deal with what's handed," all as a reminder of a "golden age" even in modern life.

The collection is a mix of nostalgic style with a desire to live "green," not only honoring the past but also enhancing the present.

Natural materials are applied in the designs, from creative mixtures of goose down, repurposed leather, cotton mélange, silk, cord-du-roy, velvet, hemp, and so on, to buttons fashioned from natural shells/horn with exquisite laser cutouts.Particularly pleasant to both fashion and animal lovers is the advent of premium-grade Faux Fur as an ethical alternative to genuine fur.

Image: Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris

The Pokerology has integrated high-techno into the high-fashion collection, with designs skilfully created with 100% Poly 50D ELASTIC Fabric + White Polyurethane Membrane + 20D Interlock with full features: Breathability, Water Vapour Permeability, Water Pressure Resistance, Bonding strength. The patterns are totally embroidered, with a blend of precise "corset" cuts to honor the feminine contours and the freedom of the waist to recall the brand's DNA's significant timeless unisex.

Image: Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris

Moreover, the designs' wild but equally gorgeous color schemes, ranging from Flamingo pink, Emerald Blue, Meringue White to Burnt Henna, Bitter Chocolate, and seductive Black, have contributed to accentuating the beauty of gender-fluidity.

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Prepare to take part in an ever-changing game of Pokerology!

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