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Popshowroom aims to be a leader in fashion-on-demand

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

13 Aug 2021


Image: Courtesy Popshowroom

Popshowroom, a company that describes itself as the connection between e-commerce practitioners, boutique shop owners, designers, and professional apparel manufactures, is aiming to tailor the future of fashion industry by a tech-driven supply chain. It also aims to be a leader in fashion-on-demand.

Pine You, Popshowroom Head of product and Technology, explained in a statement: “We are working towards a digital one-stop supply chain solution to upgrade apparel manufacturing. Being committed to digitally connect our customers with a strong and agile supply chain, we use technologies to minimize their cost at each stage of their entrepreneurship. Working in big data with experts in computer vision, natural language processing, we are developing advanced tech to actualize our vision.”

If that sounds like tech jargon, the company has already won over big clients, including M&S, Boohoo and Next in the UK.

“We first got started by doing print-on-demand, but what we want to achieve is bigger than that, let’s name it ‘fashion-on-demand’”, said CEO Joe, who regards personalization as the key to achieve a successful fashion business. More than “print” on demand, the idea of fashion-on-demand is to dissect and restructure the traditional producing line and upgrade the supply chain to the point of being able to meet the unique requirements from a single individual customer.

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