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Prada launches new advertising strategy

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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London - Now that the publishing world has been disrupted by all things digital, so too the realm of advertising is changing. Brands who one shunned FaceBook and distasteful banner ads, are now investing in online advertising with the same budgets once reserved for print ads.

Prada, as part of its turnaround, this week announced it is changing tactics and will launch a continuous visual data stream called Prada365. According to the Business of Fashion, the strategy will embrace both digital and print media however will be focusing on smaller concepts but increased content.

“We always did amazing campaigns, but very often nowadays looking at one campaign, one point of view through the whole season, we got bored of ourselves very easily,” Fabio Zambernardi, design director of the Prada and MiuMiu collections since 2002, told BoF. “We wanted to try how that could be different. Why don’t we just do smaller concepts, faster, more immediate, showing different women?

Last year the creative and fashion industries embraced digital advertising like never before, spending an all-time high at 7.2 billion pounds on online campaigns. The prestigious Cannes Lions event for advertising last year saw ad technology firms and social media giants centre stage for the first time, a clear sign that the focus is shifting from traditional advertising to digital and social platforms.

Photo credit: Prada.com