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Pre Fall 2020: Moschino goes super size on New York subway

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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In a week dominated by political headlines, the impeachment of Donald Trump and the UK’s snap elections to name but two, Jeremy Scott brought a rare ray of sunlight to the Pre Fall collections. This time it was the New York subway of all places, or rather a train inside the New York Transit Museum.

Love or hate Moschino’s tongue in cheek fashions, at least they exalt humour and exude a sense of fun. On Scott’s train, commuters, i.e. models, wore denim corsets and tight jeans, 90s style. There were chunky sneakers and super-sized accessories, like giant baseball caps or a gargantuan backback that could fit all of one’s emotional baggage inside, and then some.

For evening there was Scott’s take on tweed, a Chanel-ism to be exact, which came as as double-breasted coat in pink for women and a snuggly tracksuit for men, complete with chain gold trimming. A printed cape worn over a wide-leg pantsuit was given the Versace treatment. Elsewhere, oversized safety pins strategically held gowns together and boomboxes doubled as bags.

Moschino’s accessories are a key category for the brand and its exaggerated gold padlock necklaces, some with a peace sign, will be an easy sell.

Images courtesy Moschino

Jeremy Scott
Pre Fall 2020