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Pretty Ballerinas presents The Pretty B’S

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Image: Pretty Ballerinas / Enanei

Pretty Ballerinas, the family owned Spanish heritage footwear brand, has created its own girl band – The Pretty B’s - for the Fall/Winter 2022 campaign. Inspired by the 60s, the new collection transmits the spirit of the time in full color.

Music has always been the best form of escapism for many young ladies. In the past, it was a way for them to be independent, creative and express what they thought or really wanted. Music for many young people today still carries the same importance. Tunes that accompany late night chats in a bar with friends, dance steps not allowed at school, coming home after curfew, new haircuts, experiments with makeup and shopping sessions in search of garments that fit the personality of the wearer and not the established rules.

For this reason Pretty Ballerinas has created its own girl band, The Pretty B’s, for the Fall/Winter 2022 collection. With an iconic 60's style that conveys the spirit of the era, the campaign combines promotional images for the album and concert tour. In addition, a teaser of the video clip and several individual interviews. The music band consists of Betty, Bella and Bianca. Three girls with three very different personalities.

BETTY. Singer.

Betty is the lead singer of The Pretty B’s. Sweet, charming and seductive. If she smiles at you, you will blush. She loves poetry books and the perfect day for her is to walk along the banks of the River Seine with her favorite ballerinas, Rosario. You will find her writing songs in the favorite Parisian cafe Les Deux Magots, where she goes for inspiration on rainy afternoons. Betty seems shy and naive but oh mon Dieu!, everything changes when she gets on stage.

Image: Pretty Ballerinas / Enanei

BELLA. Keyboards.

The Pretty B’s Bella is the keyboard maestro. Born in Hong Kong and raised in London, Notting Hill is her playground. Bella frequents Portobello market, where she finds inspiration from people's bold looks. She doesn't follow any trends, she creates the trends that later become fashion. Her leitmotiv is a sense of humor and a pair of Ella ballerinas. Bella spends her days composing the catchiest hits and her nights endlessly partying.

Image: Pretty Ballerinas / Enanei

BIANCA. Guitar.

Born in Buenos Aires, Bianca moved to the city that never sleeps: New York. Raised in artistic Brooklyn, her first steps in the world of music were to the beat of an old Gibson three-string guitar. She is now a star, the guitarist of The Pretty B’s. Bianca is a jewel that always shines with her pair of ballerinas. She is a rocket full of energy. Her name is always at the top of the guest list at the most exclusive parties, but she prefers to spend a night at Coney Island with her lifelong gang.

Image: Pretty Ballerinas / Enanei

About the collection: What is your tribe?

Image: Pretty Ballerinas / Enanei

The Pretty Ballerinas FW22 collection is inspired by the London of the 1960s and 70s. The influences of the Mods, Teddy Girls, Swinging Sixties, Disco, Glam and Punk tribes can be seen melding in this collection full of contrasts. Pretty Ballerina’s invites you to write your own story where the raw and the unexpected coexist without any surprises. Made entirely by hand on the island of Menorca, the range is divided into three trends -Studs and Buckles, Rerooted Nature and Blown Away- that combined form a perfect wardrobe for the new season.

Image: Pretty Ballerinas / Enanei
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