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Q&A: Pepe Jeans New Store Concept

By Vivian Hendriksz

24 Jul 2017


London - Inventing a new store concept is never an easy task, even for a successfully established international fashion brand like Pepe Jeans. However as the brand aims to expand its global reach by opening a series of stores across the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Japan, Pepe Jeans felt it was time to revamp its current store image to better reflect its strong brand identity and offering.

In order to create a new store concept which captured Pepe Jeans values and DNA, the brand teamed up with renowned design studio Martin Brudnizki in London. Together they developed a new, colourful interior which reflects Pepe Jeans brand image while offering consumers a unique retail experience. In order to learn more about Pepe Jeans new store concept, which first debut at the brand's new flagship store on Regent Street, FashionUnited spoke to Mark Blenkinsop, Pepe Jeans Group Chief Marketing Officer, and Martin Brudnizki.

FashionUnited: What materials and fabrics did Pepe Jeans use for it's new store concept?

Martin Brudnizki: “We used a combination of high and low materials, such as brass and cork, to ensure Pepe Jeans’ new Regents Street store feels approachable and relatable to all. Adding pops of colour brings a playful touch to the store, reinforcing the brand’s youthful appeal.”

How does the new store concept offer consumers a new innovative retail experience?

Mark Blenkinsop:“From a brand presentation perspective, our objective for Regent Street was not just to open a new store, the objective was to deliver an innovative retail experience. We partnered with Martin Brudnizki Studio to conceive a new global retail system for Pepe Jeans and Regent Street is the pilot store for this new concept.”

“The concept as a whole is new and innovative for us; from being able to offer our customers a place to have their pieces customized through laser tattoo technology, to giving our customers the opportunity to interact in the fitting rooms through the RFID tool and to featuring a playful directional LED tunnel enticing customers in-store. We want this concept to grow and develop, allowing for more technological features, giving our customers the ultimate in-store experience and making the store a destination.”

Where there any key aspects from the old store concept Pepe Jeans wished to incorporate into the new store design?

Martin Brudnizki: ”The artwork of Ian Berry featured in other stores and we felt it was an important aspect to carry over into the new concept store.”

Are there any new technologies incorporated into the store concept?

Martin Brudnizki: “Innovative forms of technology are used throughout with RFID technology and an interactive Twitter wall in the changing rooms whilst the unique LED art installation with hanging campaign display makes a real impression when shoppers enter the space. The inclusion of RFID technology and the interactive Twitter wall is very unique; it will hail a new way of shopping as well as experiencing the brand.”

What challenges did you face when designing the new store concept?

Martin Brudnizki: “The Twitter wall was a brand new idea, which we had never worked with before. We had to find a way to incorporate the technology all whilst ensuring the aesthetic wasn’t compromised.”

What has the initial response been to the new store concept?

Mark Blenkinsop: “The feedback we are having from our clients is totally positive. The new concept store now appeals to a wider audience as well as having a unique pull in the form of the interactive shopping experience. Pepe Jeans’ ethos of creating a brand that is accessible to all ages helped drive our concept.”

Will Pepe Jeans be rolling out the new store concept to its other stores around the world?

Mark Blenkinsop: “Most definitely! For us, this flagship is just the first step. Our plan is to roll out this concept with all new stores and change our existing stores gradually.”

Photos: Courtesy of Pepe Jeans