Relaxing in luxury and style with BIMALDI

With the upcoming trend of athleisure and loungewear, where people can go out and still look top notch in their comfortable clothing no matter the social occasion, BIMALDI is the new brand taking this a step further.

Owner and founder Rico van Huizen has a background in physique sports and missed something in his closet. As an athlete and businessman, he wanted to look top notch without looking to sporty in the well-known terry pants and t-shirt. The question came to him: ”what if people want to dress comfortable, still want to go out and have a nice dinner in a restaurant?”. While, at the same time feel comfortable doing so in their lounging attire. So, from this statement came a clear and concise concept: “Create the highest quality clothing possible for men who enjoy their leisure time to the fullest, both in lounge and sports”. The question followed soon after: How do we combine both the sport and lounge aspect together and stay true to the BIMALDI DNA?

Relaxing in luxury and style with BIMALDI

Pearls in Textile: BIMALDI makes collection pieces that consist of the finest handpicked fabrics from Portugal and Italy. All pieces are manufactured by respected family owned companies in Portugal, they leave no stone unturned and provide the best possible care in making the BIMALDI pieces. We firmly believe that every piece that is made by BIMALDI, is a piece that will not be related to time and space. In other words, the collection pieces are stacking and will never perish. Just like the iconic items we know from well-established fashion brands, so are the pieces of BIMALDI.

The recipe for its success is related to the BIMALDI DNA. Every piece must represent lustre and elegance. BIMALDI is executing this in its designs, choice of fabric and choice of subtle embellishments. The one thing that makes a BIMALDI piece unique: Mercerized Fabrics. Mercerization is a process and treatment to cotton fibers or fabric. The benefits of doing this expensive treatment is countless, it gives cotton increased tensile strength, greater absorptive properties and a high degree of luster. This method is often referred to “Silk Touch”, because the fabric becomes very smooth, like silk fabrics are. To date, we are the first brand applying this method in the market of loungewear.

The Next Wave
Currently, we are working on our new collection to be released in SS/FW2020. We make collections that last for a whole year, because remember, our pieces are not related to time and space. You can wear BIMALDI everywhere you go and anytime you want. The new collection consists of fabrics coming from the top-tier factories that work pretty much only with well-known brands. They are the Italian fabric mills working for Gucci, Givenchy, Balmain, Valentino and more. The embellishments are present and at the same time elegant. The fabrics are again carefully picked and our BIMALDI mercerized fabric will be used again. We also combined unique printing and embroidery techniques, from the best print houses and embroiderers in the world. Only the best work on the BIMALDI Collection, only the best will be chosen for our clientele.


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