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Revolution in Protective Equipment: Self-Cleaning Face Masks are Environmentally Sustainable and Much Safer

By Sponsor

16 Feb 2021


European company är provides first-rate protection using cutting-edge technologies from Sweden. From state of the art technologies to premium design, every part of this self-cleaning face mask is highly developed.

ViralOff® is an antiviral technology made by Swedish company Polygiene. This innovative treatment reduces the presence of viruses on textiles by 99% in two hours. As ViralOff® doesn't allow bacterias and viruses to live longer than 2 hours on treated surfaces, the är Facemask, which is fully covered with the special treatment, can self-sterilize on its own.

The mask is scientifically tested and certified by ISO18184:2019, Oeko-tex® Eco Passports and bluesign®. The ingredient chemistry of ViralOff® is manufactured in the EU with minimal use of resources and is following strict environmental and health regulations. The active ingredient was tested against Influenza A (H3N2 and H1N1), BirdFlu, Norovirus and Corona (SARS). In all cases, 99% levels of reduction were achieved.

ViralOff® is a durable and always-on treatment, making the maintenance of the mask very simple.

The significant benefits of är Facemask:

  • It is supported by official certifications and scientific document.
  • It is more sustainable to the environment, as it requires minimal washing and can be used repeated.
  • It uses safer and more environmentally friendly methods of hydrophobic treatment.
  • It is fully manufactured and designed in state of the art facilities in Europe.
  • Each detail of the mask is highly developed, from adjustability to the fabric itself.

Other innovative features of är Facemask:

är Facemask is made of water-repellent fabric, providing the first line of protection against aerosols. Eco Acqua Zero textile treatment prevents small droplets of water from absorbing into the material. It also helps to reduce the humidity from the inside of the mask by transporting water to the surface, where it evaporates. This hydrophobic technology is environmentally friendly, fluorine-free, PFOA free and has a low impact on the breathability of the face mask.

Nanotechnology filters used in är Facemask block up to 99,8% of viruses, bacterias, dust, and other airborne pollutants. Each filter is made of 3 layers creating a high level of protection, as the average thickness of nanofibers ranges between 100nm - 500nm. Their ability to block common viruses of today has been proven by microbiology testing laboratory Nelson Lab. är Nanofilters are replaceable and provide easy and comfortable breathing.

The adjustability of the mask depends on more innovations than just one. Made to be easily adaptable to your own needs, är Facemask has adjustable earloops, a nasal patch with a foam that prevents fogging and a version with or without an exhalation valve.

To find out more about är Facemask, visit their websites here.


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