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Roberto Ricci Designs SS20 collection

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24 Jul 2019


FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: the D O W N U N D E R project has arrived.

The new RRD - Roberto Ricci Designs SS20 collection presents a project related to the high-tech movement. Seams and closures disappear, leaving room for fabrics joined through bonding with the use of laser-cut Lycra. A new frontier for modern garments, focusing on technology and extreme comfort.

The future of garments designed with a dynamic focus and in relation to body movements was the beginning of the SS20 collection signed by RRD - Roberto Ricci Designs. The company’s technological research has led to the creation of an authentic project inspired by dynamism: DOWN UNDERis a name that identifies designs and fabrics designed to be super stretchy and stitchless during assembly.

To achieve this, a latest-generation Lycra was used. Featuring anti-bacterial and breathable treatments, this Lycra is super-stretch and perfect for following every movement of the body.Innovation and constant research from watersports expertise have allowed us to create trousers, skirts, bermuda shorts and outerwear that seamessly follow the movement of the body, like a second skin.An evolving collection that expresses the extreme freedom of movement and dynamism.

The cut of the garments that make up the collection is sartorial, essential and clean. Skirts, trousers and jackets have been made using laser cut Lycra bonded to its main parts, without using any seams.

The result is an entire collection of comfortable, elastic, malleable garments. A true reinterpretation of the concept of being free to move in space, in a completely innovative way.

Roberto Ricci Designs
spring/summer 2020